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Free Online Learning Games for iPads & Other Tablets; Quote, uh... Scrambled Quotes; Scrambled Presidential Quotes; Daily Scrambled Comics; Past Daily Scrambled Comics; Scrambled Comics - Tech Today; Scrambled Science Jokes; Scrambled Quotes - Fathers; Scrambled Quotes - Mothers; Scrambled Quotes - Words to the Wise; Species Syllables (1st - 2nd Grade); Scrambled Animal Jokes (3rd Grade); Scrambled Jokes for Kids (4th Grade); Scrambled Jokes - Homophones (4); MLK Jr. Scrambled Quotes (Gr. 4+); Black History Scrambles (Gr. 4+); Women's History Scrambles (Gr 5+); April Fool Scrambled Quotes (4th+); Easter Scrambled Jokes (4th and up); (Gr. 3-5) Halloween Scrambled Jokes; Halloween Scrambled Comics; Thanksgiving Comic Scrambles (Gr. 3-5); Thanksgiving Joke Scrambles (Gr. 3-5); Christmas Joke Scrambles (Gr. 3-5); Christmas Comic Scrambles (Gr. 3-6)

Scrambles Games; Sight Word Search 1 for Kids; Sight Word Search 2 for Kids; Sight Word Search 3 for Kids; Antonyms Word Search; Mystery Category Word Search; SAT Synonym Clue Word Search; Silent Letters Word Search; Summer Memory Word Search; Synonym Clue Word Search; Synonym Word Search; Synonym Scramble Word Search; Olympic Sports Word Search; Olympic Picture Word Search; Martin Luther King Word Search; Scottish Word Search; Winter Olympic Kids Word Hunt; Winter Olympic Word Search; Winter Olympic Scrambled Clues; Chinese Zodiac Word Hunt; Groundhog Word Search (3+); Valentine Word Search (2nd to 3rd); Valentine's Word Search; Presidents Word Search; Expert Presidents Word Search; St. Pat's Kids Word Search (1st to 3rd); St.Patrick's Day Word Search; Earth Hour Kids Word Hunt (1 - 3); Earth Hour Word Search (4th up); Earth Day Word Search (1st to 2nd); Earth Day Word Search (3rd up); Easter Kids Word Hunt (1st - 3rd); Cinco de Mayo Kids Word Search (1 - 2); Cinco de Mayo Word Search; Columbus Kids Word Search (2 - 3); Columbus Day Word Search (3rd+); Diwali Word Search (3rd +); Halloween Word Search (1st to 3rd); Veterans Day Word Search (3rd and up); Thanksgiving Word Hunt (1st to 3rd); Thanksgiving Word Search (3rd and up); Christmas Picture Clue Word Hunt; Christmas Word Search (1 - 3); Christmas Word Search (3rd+)

Word Search Games; Adjectives Soccer (1 - 2); Conjunction Cows (1st - 2nd Grade); End Punctuation (1st - 2nd); Preposition Penguins (1 - 2); Subject Verb (1st - 2nd); Verb Tense Toads (1st Grade); Verb Tense Turtles (2nd Grade); Adjectives (2nd Grade); Conjunction Cats (2nd Grade); Preposition Parrots (2nd - 3rd Grade); Pronoun Agreement Bicycle Race (2nd); Reflexive Pronoun Rabbit Race (2nd); MLK Capitals Game (2nd - 3rd); Adjective or Adverb Soccer (3rd); Comparison Forms: Adjectives, Adverbs (3); Crabby Commas Game (3rd); Conjunction Baseball (3rd); Pronoun Antecedent Agreement (3rd+); Relative Pronouns and Adverbs (3rd+); Reflexive Pronoun Cars (3rd); Halloween Subject Verb (3rd+); Snowflake Subject Verb (3rd+); Subject Verb Basketball (3rd+); Subject Verb Space (3rd+); (3rd) Subject Verb: Basketball Otter; Subject Verb: Easter in Spain (3); Subject Verb: What is an Aye-Aye? (3); Verb Tenses Quiz (3); Frequently Confused Adjectives (4th+); Adjectives Ending in -ed or -ing (4th+); Adverbs of Time and Verb Tense (4); Continuous Verb Forms (4); Word Order Scrambles (4th); Word Order Olympic Scrambles (4th); Word Order Columbus Scrambles (4th); Word Order Christmas Scrambles (4th); Subject Verb Pro Basketball (4th+); Advanced Verb Tenses (5); Super Subject Verb (5th+)

English Grammar and Vocabulary Games; Letter Pick (K - 1st Gr.); Spell Fish for Vowels (1st Gr.); Spelling Start Sounds (1); End Sounds Spelling (1st); Animal Father Names (2); Animal Mother Baby Names (1 - 2); Contractions Hockey (2nd Grade); Prefix Game (2nd Grade); Spelling Fishing: Blends (2nd); Spelling Fishing: Digraphs (2nd); Spelling Fishing: Vowels (2nd); 2nd Grade Vocabulary Fill In; Syllable Spaceships (2nd - 3rd); St. Pat's Vocabulary (1st - 3rd); Syllable Flying Saucers (3rd); Syllable Vocabulary Jewels (3rd); Prefix Suffix Game (3rd+); Prefixes (3rd+); Suffixes (3rd+); Groundhog Syllables Game (3rd+); St. Pat's Syllables Game (3rd+); Santa's Scrambled Syllables (3rd+); 3rd Grade Vocabulary Fill In; Irish Crosswords (3rd Grade and up); Earth Day Crosswords (3rd+),%20el%20or%20le.html; Spell al, el, le Endings (4); Homphones Skateboards (4th); Confusing Words: its it's to too (4th); Their/ there/ they're, Your / you're (4th); Latin or Greek Roots Match (4th+); Veterans Day Syllables (4th+); Latin or Greek Roots Jumbles (5th); Root Words Jeopardy (5th); Latin or Greek Roots Jumbles (6th); Root Words Double Jeopardy (6th); IELTS AWL Vocabulary Builder (9th+); SAT Vocabulary Builder (9th+); SAT Vocabulary Hangman (9th+)

Vocabulary Games; Cryptogram Cat Quips (4th up); Cryptogram Comics (3rd and up); Cryptogram Jokes - High Tech (5+); Cryptogram Jokes - Pun Loving (4+); Cryptogram Jokes - Science; Cryptogram Quips (4th Gr. up); Cryptogram Quotes (4th Gr. up); Irish Sayings Cryptograms; Irish Jokes Cryptograms; Easter Cryptogram Jokes; Mother's Day Cryptograms; (Gr. 3-5) Halloween Cryptogram Jokes; (5th+) Halloween Cryptogram Comics; (3+) Thanksgiving Cryptogram Jokes; (5+) Thanksgiving Cryptogram Comics; (4th+) Christmas Cryptogram Jokes; (5th+) Christmas Cryptogram Comics

Cryptograms; Easter Egg Memory Match; IELTS AWL Match Game (Jr. High+); SAT Vocabulary Match Game (9th+); SAT Vocabulary Six Match Game (9th+); Antonym Match (4th+); Latin and Greek Roots (4th+); Metric Match (4th+); Synonym Match (4th+); Animal Mothers Match (3+); Animal Fathers Match (3+); Valentine Word Match (1st - 2nd); Presidents Money Match (1st to 3rd); Easter Word Match (1st - 2nd); Cinco de Mayo Picture Word (1-2)

Concentration Memory Match Games; Declaration of Independence; U. S. Constitution Next Word; Bill of Rights Next Word; Constitution Amendments 11-27; Gettysburg Address; Letter from Birmingham Jail; MLK Memorial Puzzle (4+); Black History Missing Words; Valentine Cards (1st - 3rd); Presidents Day Cloze (4+); Memorial Day Missing Words; Olympics Missing Words; Earth Hour Missing Words Puzzle; Mother's Day Card Rhymes (1-3); Constitution Cloze (3+); Thanksgiving Cloze (3rd); Christmas Missing Words (3rd)

Missing Words Puzzles; Celebrity Scrambles; Academic Word List Jumbles (Jr. High up); SAT Vocabulary Jumbles (9th+); Root Words Jumbles (6th+); Latin or Greek Roots Jumble (5); Animal Jokes Jumble for Kids; Spelling Words with PH Jumbles; Olympic Word Jumble; Women's History Jumble; Cinco de Mayo Word Jumble; Cinco de Mayo Expert; Halloween Word Jumbles (5th+); Thanksgiving Word Jumbles (5th+); Christmas Word Jumbles (5th+)

Word Jumble Games; Shape Pick (K - 1st); Count the Cats (K - 1st); Halloween Count (K - 1); Identify Shapes (K-1); Count 10 Dominoes (1st); True Addition Cards (1st); + and - Baseball (1); Duck Pond Add (1st); Make 10 Solitaire (1st); + and − Relation (1st); Addition Equations (1 - 2); + and - Word Problems (1 - 2); Subtraction Word Problems (1 - 2); Addition Baseball (2nd Grade); Make 10 + Pyramid Solitaire (2nd); Piggy Bank Coins (2nd); Total 12 Dominoes (2nd); Division Football (3rd); Dollar Cents Solitaire (3rd); Ten Dollar Solitaire (3rd); Fractions Frog (3rd); Numerator / Denominator (3); Equivalent Fractions (3); Multiplication Equations (3-4); Equivalent Fractions Solitaire (3-4); Add Fractions (4th); Add Fractions Equations (4th); Fraction Blackjack (4th); Decimal Blackjack (4th); Decimal Solitaire (4th); Ordering Decimals (4th); Decimal and Fraction Match (4th); Add Decimals Solitaire (4); Add Subtract Decimals (4); Factors and Multiples (4); Metric Match (4th Grade); Chinese Zodiac Math (4+); Add Fractions Dominoes (4-5); Coordinate Battleships (5th); CrossNumbers: Order of Ops + and - (5th); CrossNumbers: Order of Ops × and ÷ (5th); Exponents Basketball (6th Gr.); Four Quadrants Battle Shape (6th); Battle Shapes Expert Edition (6th); Tower of Hanoi with Cards (6th+); Laws of Exponents Basketball (6-8); Proportion and Unit Rate Graphs (7th); Integer Exponents Basketball (7-8); Slopes of Linear Equations (8th); Slope and Y-Intercept (8th)

Math Games; Countries Continents Solitaire; Map the 13 Colonies; Map the Central States; Map the Midwestern States; Map the North East States; Map the South East States; Map the Western States; Western U. S. Map Reading; Map the Mid/South States; States Geography Facts Spin; Central States and Capitals; Midwest States and Capitals; North East States and Capitals; South East States and Capitals; Western States and Capitals; State Capitals Quick Quiz; 50 State Capitals Memory Test

Geography Games; Analogies (6th Grade and up); Butterfly Memory Game; Flash Count Memory Game; Memory Cues Test; Memory Lane Game; Memory Lane Super Game; 50 State Capitals Memory Test; Pick the One That's Different; 5 Below Solitaire (4th Gr. +); Free Space Solitaire (5th Gr. +); Hamsters and Kids Logic (5th+); Scot Words Hangman (5th+); Faces of Black History (5th+); American Colonies Timelines (5th+); Black History Timelines (6th+)

More Games and Puzzles; Olympic Trivia Quiz; U. S. Constitution Quiz; Earth Hour Climate Change IQ Quiz; Earth Day Environmental Quiz

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