Cinco de Mayo Word Jumble - Expert Edition

Unscramble four words related to Cinco de Mayo and Mexican culture and heritage. Many are Mexican words which have become familiar parts of the English language.

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Aztec; they built a great Mexican empire before the arrival of the Spanish battle; fight, such as the one at Puebla between the French and the Mexicans on May 5, 1862 burrito; Mexican dish that is a wrapped, filled flour tortilla celebration; festival or party, for example a Cinco de Mayo fiesta charro; Mexican cowboy Cinco; Spanish for 5 as in Cinco de Mayo, or May 5 enchilada; rolled and filled tortilla covered with a chili sauce fiesta; festive celebration French; from or related to France, for example the soldiers that were defeated on May 5, 1862 frijoles; beans, especially Mexican beans guacamole; Mexican avocado sauce guayabera; loose men's shirt, popular in Mexico heritage; an inherited culture or set of traditions Hispanic; Spanish or of Spanish or Latin American descent huipil; traditional Mexican blouse jalapeno; a hot Mexican pepper Latino; a person of Latin American descent or origin maguey; also known as a century plant and the source of rope, tequila and more maracas; percussion instrument that is a pair of dried gourds filled with seeds or beans mariachi; traditional Mexican dance music played by a small, strolling band Mayo; Spanish for May, for example, Cinco de Mayo means May 5 Mexican; from or related to Mexico, for example, the victorious soldiers on May 5, 1862 Mexico; country where the Battle of Puebla took place on May 5, 1862 pinata; break this open and many wonderful treats will fall out poncho; traditional Mexican outer garment Puebla; location of a battle between Mexican and French troops on May 5, 1862 rebozo; traditional Mexican long scarf or shawl serape; blanket-like shawl sombrero; traditional, wide-brimmed Mexican hat Spanish; of or relating to Spain taco; traditional Mexican hand-held food consisting of a tortilla around a filling tamale; masa or corn dough steamed in a corn husk wrapping tortilla; staple Mexican flatbread tradition; a long-established, handed-down way of doing things