Conjunction Cows Game

Pick the best conjunction to put in the sentence.

He sits his desk.

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Sophia _ Mason are friends./and/but/or I have a brother _ a sister./and/but/or I grab my skateboard _ go out./and/but/or My sisters are named Emma _ Lily./and/but/or It is hot _ sunny today./and/but/or Jack _ Logan are brothers./and/but/or My friend _ I walk to school./and/but/or Madison _ I are in the same class./and/but/or Can Kaylee _ Aiden sit back there?/and/but/or We saw cows _ horses at the farm./and/but/or Cheese _ butter are made from milk./and/but/so Mike has a blue _ white shirt./and/but/or We see a black _ white cow./and/but/so Who is older, you _ me?/or/and/but Jack can stay at home _ go out./or/and/but Put on a coat _ jacket./or/and/but Who won, Ella _ Ryan?/or/and/but Is that my hat _ yours?/or/and/but Will it be sunny _ cloudy today?/or/and/but She is six _ seven years old./or/and/but We can walk _ ride our bikes./or/but/so Does Luke want milk _ water?/or/and/but Do you want cake _ apple pie?/or/so/but Is the game on Sunday _ Monday?/or/and/but Do you want to sit _ stand?/or/and/but We can go now _ next week./or/and/but Do we turn left _ right here?/or/so/but I like cake _ not ice cream./but/and/or Nobody _ you can hear me./but/and/or He wants to help _ can't./but/and/or I try to stay up _ I'm sleepy./but/and/or Nobody _ Grace knows the answer./but/and/or Everybody _ my sister left./but/and/or I know her mother _ not her father./but/and/or My brother swims _ not well./but/so/or I went to the pool _ didn't swim./but/so/or We see nothing _ brown cows./but/and/or We won the first game _ lost the next./but/and/or She tries to lift it _ can't./but/and/or He will come _ can't stay./but/and/or Liam wants to win _ comes in third./but/so/or Emily runs _ can't catch up./but/and/or He wants to ride _ forgot his helmet./but/and/or