Pronoun Agreement Bicycle Game

You go faster if answer is right.

Pick the right word.

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_ am in the race today./0/I,You Zak rides _ bike./1/him,his They like to ride _ bikes./1/they,their Kim and Randy love _ bikes./1/his,their The leader falls off _ bike./0/his,their Penny fixes _ bike./1/she,her A rider crashed _ bike./0/his,their Give the winners _ prize./1/them,their Ann is my friend. _ are on the same team./1/I,We Meet Jim. _ is my brother./1/Him,He Lucy wears _ helmet./0/her,his _ rides her bike./0/She,You The racers all wear _ helmets./1/they,their We look after _ bikes./1/my,our I have a bike. The bike is _./1/my,mine I have a bike. _ bike is red./1/Mine,My He put on _ helmet./0/his,their Sara puts on _ bike shorts./0/her,she They all wear _ sunglasses./1/our,their He jumps to _ feet./0/his,their Mike isn't here. _ is sick./1/His,He Sally eats _ snack./1/hers,her Did _ brother win the race?/1/yours,your Is that blue bicycle _?/1/your,yours Ella loves bikes. _ has five./0/She,Her George dropped _ gloves./0/his,he _ watch the race on TV./1/Us,We The bike on the road is _./1/your,yours After the race, Logan gets _ prize./1/him,his Jen crosses the road. _ looks both ways./1/It,She Raj has one bike. _ is a mountain bike./1/They,It Sara has two bikes. _ are both red./1/It,They Dave fell. Please help _./1/it,him Jose wins. _ gets the prize./1/Him,He Ella races and we cheer for _./1/hers,her The boys walk slowly. A bike passes _./1/him,them Liam has two bikes. One of _ is broken./0/them,it I go to the race with _ friends./0/my,our Sam's bike is blue. _ is white./1/My,Mine Can _ have a ride?/0/I,me Where is Pablo? We can't find _./0/him,us One of the boys lost _ bicycle./1/its,his Lily left _ helmet at home./0/her,their The bike is heavy. Don't pick _ up./1/them,it I lost a glove. Please help _ find it./0/me,my My brother hurt _ foot./0/his,their Max lost _ way./0/his,their The car honks _ horn./0/its,their Don't ride that bike. _ has no brakes./0/It,He She rides _ bike every day./0/her,hers Our shirts have red stripes on _./1/their,them The racers wear numbers on _ backs./0/their,them I have a brother. _ is a good cyclist./0/He,My I have a sister. _ race together./0/We,She Tom catches up to the rider and passes _./1/it,him The racers have names on _ shirts./1/his,their