Reflexive Pronoun Rabbit Race Game

myself - yourself - himself - herself - itself - ourselves - yourselves - themselves

Win the race and reward with a carrot!

Pick the right pronoun.

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George is proud of _./0/himself,itself We helped _ to some candy./0/ourselves,himself My mother talks to _./1/myself,herself Children, please behave _!/1/ourselves,yourselves The little boy walks by _./1/itself,himself Daniel walks to school by _./1/myself,himself The little girl can dress _./0/herself,themselves The kids draw pictures of _./1/herself,themselves I see _ in the mirror./1/itself,myself Penny taught _ how to ski./1/themselves,herself The rabbit hurt _./1/yourself,itself Help _ to some carrots./0/yourself,myself We call _ the Rockin' Rabbits./0/ourselves,yourselves The computer shut _ off./1/herself,itself I am teaching _ to hop./1/itself,myself I made carrot soup by _./1/himself,myself He hurt _./0/himself,themselves We can look after _./1/yourself,ourselves Is there is a car that drives _?/1/themselves,itself We cleaned the classroom _./1/yourself,ourselves Don't hurt _!/1/himself,yourself Emma bought a present for _./0/herself,yourself The cow hit _ with its tail./0/itself,yourself We crossed the street _./0/ourselves,themselves The TV shut _ off./0/itself,herself She scratched _./0/herself,myself The boys are behaving _./0/themselves,yourselves They had to cook for _./1/himself,themselves Ethan is teaching _ to skate./1/itself,himself Sara lives by _./0/herself,myself My baby sister cries _ to sleep./0/herself,myself Larry surprised _ by passing the test./0/himself,themselves My brother likes to play by _./1/itself,himself Buy _ an ice cream./0/yourself,itself Help _ by helping others./0/yourself,myself Give _ a pat on the back./0/yourself,herself We go to the movies by _./1/yourselves,ourselves Mike always talks about _./0/himself,ourselves We made the birthday card _./0/ourselves,themselves My sisters walk to school _./1/ourselves,themselves Mason, did you bake a cake _?/0/yourself,himself Amelia made a snowman by _./0/herself,myself Joy and Anna cleaned their rooms _./0/themselves,ourselves Thank you. We enjoyed _./1/yourself,ourselves Do the test by _!/0/yourself,themselves The cat licks _./0/itself,themselves She bought _ new shoes./0/herself,themselves Jessica sits by _./0/herself,itself My brother is a baby and can't dress _./0/himself,myself We went to the store to buy _ a treat./1/yourself,ourselves The girls made the cookies _./1/itself,themselves