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Christmas Missing Words Puzzle Game

Somebody stole some words from a Christmas paragraph. Use your word order, punctuation and English grammar skills to put them back where they belong.
Pick an empty box in the paragraph to be filled.

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One way to make your holiday celebrations more environmentally friendly is to use LED lighting. Strings of LED lights last longer than traditional lights, use far less electricity, and are less likely to break or fail because of bad weather. Which is better for the environment, an artificial or a natural Christmas tree? Artificial trees may not be recyclable and are made of nonrenewable resources, but natural trees may be grown and disposed of in an environmentally irresponsible way. When you wrap presents, try to reduce, reuse and recycle. Use scarves or towels to make the wrapping part of the gift. Gift bags or boxes can be reused. And look for wrapping paper made of recycled and recyclable materials. One of the most popular Christmas songs has a very simple and appropriate name, "The Christmas Song." To avoid confusion, the song's first line, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire," is often added at the end of the title. Real Christmas trees can be reused in many ways when the holiday season is over. Whole trees provide cover for birds, small wild animals, and even fish. Trees can also be chopped into mulch to be used in gardens, parks and playgrounds. Nearly all of the 25 to 30 million natural Christmas trees sold every year in the United States are grown on Christmas tree farms. At these farms, it takes an average of seven years for a tree to grow to a typical height of six or seven feet. With its dark green leaves and bright red flowers or bracts, the poinsettia is the perfect Christmas plant. The poinsettia is named after Joel Poinsett, the first American ambassador to Mexico, who first brought the plants to the United States. Every Christmas millions of poinsettia plants are sold in the United States. If you buy a poinsettia, choose a full, bushy plant with lots of leaves and bright flowers. And be careful to protect the plant from cold and wind on the way home. Can you guess which day of the year has the most house fires caused by candles? The answer is Christmas Day. Candles are a beautiful part of Christmas decorating in many homes, but if you do use candles you must pay attention to the danger of fire. LED Christmas lights are an energy efficient way to decorate. LED light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than older incandescent lights and use far less electricity. They are also safer, since they don't give off heat like traditional bulbs. Many groups have a Secret Santa tradition at Christmas time. Everybody's name goes into a hat. Then everyone draws a single name and buys a gift for that one person. Usually there is a price limit and the giver's identity remains a secret.