Halloween Cryptogram Comics

A witch's spell has removed and encrypted the words in this comic! Each letter has changed to a different letter.

Guess the original letters to break the spell.
In the text above, each decoded letter will turn orange.

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Wow. That was a lot faster.; 1 My name is Helda, and I have a tendency to fly off the handle.; 2; The witch's name is Helda. This song goes out to all the "little people" I crushed on my way to the top.; 3; The witch is dedicating a song. Automatic transmission is nice, but I still prefer driving a stick.; 4; It may help to think about shifting gears. Hey buddy can you spare some… Oh thanks!; 5 Oh, boy… a baby Ruth!; 6; Think of a popular candy bar. Ooo, look who got a hybrid.; 7; Think Prius. Good morning, Mrs. Keith - You weren't home last night, so…; 8; The lady's last name is Keith. Let me get this straight. You want to register as an organ donor?; 9; His organs would be second-hand, so to speak. I know it's you, Bailey, and the answer is still "no".; 10; The man has a dog named Bailey. Wo! Hold on there Sport! I'm not into that whole body piercing scene!!; 11; Body piercing has a whole different meaning for this guy. That's your Uncle Joe. He's the black sheet of the family.; 12; The little ghost has an uncle named Joe. RAISINS? That's it. Change of plans.; 13; The trick-or-treater is obviously not fond of raisins. Bread crumbs? But it's Halloween!; 14; You should be able to guess the last word - notice that it's capitalized. I know they're hot. But the oven mitt isn't allowed, Bob.; 15; Hey, is that an oven mitt on Bob's hand? The eye of newt - is it gluten-free?; 16; The witch who is speaking may have a gluten intolerance. It's nothing we can't fix with some super glue…and an extra week of physical therapy.; 17; Usually it's just the physical therapy that's required. I'm so glad you're a vegan!; 18; Vegans don't eat any animal products - which includes brains! I can't bring myself to cut them.; 19; And that's why he's using a marker, not a knife. What's this?! They left off the extra children!; 20; Some people like extra cheese, and some like children! Here's the cause of your headaches, Mr. Stein - they gave you a Brian instead; 21; The little guy is Brian and the big guy is named Stein! It's no use - she doesn't even know I don't exist.; 22; If she weren't a ghost, she wouldn't even know he existed. Also, I'm not easily offended. I have pretty thick skin.; 23; Being thick skinned can be a real asset. I explored all of my career options and found sitting on a porch more rewarding than becoming pumpkin pie.; 24; Even a pumpkin has career options. I can't seem to unwind.; 25 It's such a beautiful day. Why don't we go out and get someone to eat?; 26; Eating out is always a nice idea. Yes, of course I think it smells funny. What's your point?; 27; Isn't it a little suspicious when something smells funny? I just don't trust those self-flying brooms yet.; 28; And I bet you don't trust self-driving cars yet either.