HalloweenWord Jumble

Unscramble four words related to Halloween and write the letters in the boxes.
For an extra challenge, fold along the dotted line at the bottom and don't peek at the clues below it.

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bat; some of these flying mammals are vampires! bizarre; unusual, strange, not normal bones; skeletons are made of these bewitch; put under a witch's spell black; one of the theme colors of Halloween blood; it's red and it flows your veins, and it's a tasty snack for a vampire bloody; gory, covered with blood broom; a witch's transportation candle; put one of these in a carved pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern candy; collect lots of this when you go trick-or-treating cauldron; a big pot that a witch might use to brew a potion cat; a witch's companion cobweb; spiders weave this coffin; a box that a dead body is buried in corpse; a dead body costume; what you wear to go trick-or-treating creepy; Halloween spiders, bats and monsters have this scary quality crypt; a grave or tomb death; the opposite of birth demon; another word for devil eerie; scary, weird fangs; vampires have these sharp pointed teeth fright; fear frighten; make afraid fly; what bats and witches can do ghost; you can dress up as this using only a white sheet gory; bloody grave; a tomb haunt; visit or hang out in, especially if the visitor is a ghost haunted; filled with ghosts, the kind of house you might visit on Halloween house; you might visit a haunted one on Halloween horrible; awful, terrible lantern; something to light the way, like a pumpkin with a candle in it, for example magic; this reigns on Halloween, witches use it to cast a spell mask; wear this over your face to hide it monster; a big scary creature, like a zombie or an ogre moon; it's round and white and shines in the night sky moonlit; lit by the moon mummy; it's all wrapped up in bandages and buried, where we hope it stays! orange; one of the theme colors of Halloween potion; a magic mixture, something a witch might brew up party; where you get together and have fun with friends potion; a magic drink, witches might brew one prank; a trick pumpkin; carve this to make a jack-o-lantern scare; frighten, make afraid scary; frightening, causing fear scream; cry out in fear or yell sheet; it's usually on a bed but you can use it to dress up like a ghost skull; the head bone spider; an eight-legged weaver of webs spooky; scary, eerie strange; not familiar, unusual, eerie tomb; a grave trick; a prank you play on Halloween if you don't get a treat treat; what people put in your bag (it's usually candy) when you go out in your costume on Halloween vampire; according to legend, a monster that rises from the dead and sucks human blood weird; strange, bizarre, unnatural werewolf; according to legend, a human who can turn into a wolf witch; according to legend, a woman who uses black magic and flies through the air on a broom zombie; according to legend, a dead body made to move by evil magic
What do you call a ghost's mother and father?; Transparents! What do you call a witch who lives at the beach?; A sand-witch What's a vampire's favorite dog?; A bloodhound What do you call a witch's garage?; A broom closet What do you call a skeleton who won't work?; Lazy bones What kinds of mistakes do ghosts make?; Boo-boos What kind of streets do zombies like best?; Dead ends Where do ghosts like to swim?; The Dead Sea What do you use to mend a jack-o-lantern?; A pumpkin patch What do ghosts serve for dessert?; Ice scream What was the witch's favorite school subject?; Spelling What do witches use on their hair?; Scare spray What did the little ghost have in her rock collection?; Tombstones Where did the vampire open a savings account?; A blood bank What made the vampire call his doctor?; His coffin Where do ghosts and ghouls water ski?; On Lake Erie What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman?; Frostbite What happens when a ghost gets lost in the fog and is never seen again?; He is mist. What did the skeleton's motorcycle jacket say on the back?; Bone to be Wild What do mummies put on to go trick or treating?; Masking tape What is a vampire's favorite horse?; A nightmare Which room never gets used in zombie and ghost houses?; A living room What do you call a serious rock?; A gravestone