Advanced Latin & Greek Roots Jumbles Game

Spell 3 words with the SAME Latin or Greek root, given the letters of each word in jumbled order and a meaning clue.

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pend = hang pendant A pend___ is a piece of jewelry with a part that hangs down. suspend To ___pend something is to hang it up. pendulum A pend____ hangs down and swings back and forth. depend To __pend on something is to hang on to it for support. perpendicular Something is ___pend______ to the ground if it hangs straight down.**contra = opposite contradict To contra____ is to deny or say the opposite. contradiction A contra_______ is a conflict between opposites. contrary To state a contra__ view is to state an opposite view. contrast To contra__ two things is to show how they are different or opposite from each other.**magn = great magnify To magn___ something is to make it larger or greater in size. magnificent Something is magn_______ if it is grand or wonderful or great. magnate A magn___ is a great man, usually a leading businessman. magnitude The magn_____ of something is its size or greatness. magnum A magn__ of wine is a bottle of great size, usually twice the normal size.**medi = middle mediocre Something is medi____ if it is ordinary, of middle quality, of middle-of-the-road. median The medi__ is the middle point of a set of data or the middle strip of a divided highway. mediator A medi____ is a middle man or somebody who tries to guide two sides to a middle ground. intermediate _____medi___ means the middle stage between two things medieval Something related to the Middle Ages is described as medi____.**hydr = water hydrant Firefighters connect their hoses to a hydr___ to get water. hydroelectric Power generated by the power of water is hydr_________ power. hydrated Drink plenty of water when you are hot so that your body will remain well hydr____. dehydrated When water is removed from something and it is dried out, it is said to be __hydr____. hydroplane Something that can glide or skim along the top of water is a hydr______. hydraulic Hydr_____ means having to do with moving water or liquid.**mono = single monochrome A mono______ color scheme uses one single color for everything. monopoly A mono____ is when one single person or company is in control. monogram A mono____ is a design with a single letter or a set of initials. monocle A mono___ is a single lens or eyeglass for one eye. monorail A mono____ is a vehicle that runs on a single rail. monotonous Something is mono______ or boringly the same when it has a single unchanging note or nature.**mort = die mortal Something is mort__ if it will die. immortal Something is __mort__ if it never dies. mortician A mort_____ is somebody who prepares those who have died for burial. mortuary A mort____ is a funeral home that prepares those who have died for burial.**pod = foot podiatrist A pod_______ is a foot doctor. tripod A ___pod is a three-footed stand or support. podium A pod___ is a base or raised platform that provides a footing for a speaker or a structure. antipode An ____pod_ is the direct opposite point on a globe, where someone's foot would be placed directly opposite yours.**therm = heat thermometer A therm______ is a instrument to measure temperature or heat. thermos A therm__ is an insulated container that keeps heated things hot. geothermal ___therm__ power uses the heat created by the Earth itself. thermal Something therm__ is something designed to retain heat or resulting from heat. thermostat A therm_____ is a device to keep an even temperature or heating state.**nat = born native Someone is a nat___ of an area if they were born there. natural A nat____ talent or feature is one that you were born with. innate An __nat_ talent or characteristic is one that you were born with. nature The nat___ of something is its original, inborn state or condition. neonate A ___nat_ is a new born infant. prenatal Something is ___nat__ if it happens before a baby is born. nation A nat___ is a territory where a large unified group of people were born.**struct = build construct To ___struct a house or an argument is to build it. structure A struct___ is a building. instructor An __struct__ is a teacher, somebody who builds understanding. construction A ___struct___ worker is a person who builds buildings. restructure To __struct___ something is to build it up again.**tech = skill technique A tech_____ is a skilled or expert method. technical Tech_____ refers to being skilled in a particular subject or craft. technology Tech______ is a set of skills and knowledge, the application of practical science. polytechnic A ____tech___ school teaches a variety of skills.**con = with confer To con___ is to talk or discuss with others. conference A con_______ is a meeting with others for discussion. conspire To con_____ is to plan secretly with others. concur To con___ is to be in agreement with. contort To con____ is to change the form of something with a twist. convention A con_______ is a meeting of people with a common interest or purpose.