Free Printable Summmer Olympics Jumbles Worksheet
Expand Vocabulary and Improve Spelling

Olympics Word Jumble - Expert Level

Unscramble four words that are summer Olympic sports or related to Olympic symbols or awards.
The letters from all the shaded boxes can then be arranged to spell a two-word Olympic event or award.

For an extra challenge, fold along the dotted line at the bottom and try not to look at the clues below it.

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archery; you need a bow and arrow to compete in this sport
artistic; one type of gymnastics
athletes; they come to the Olympic Games to compete
badminton; this racquet sport uses a shuttlecock
baseball; the great American game is also an Olympic sport
boxing; you wear gloves, not boxes, for this sport
bronze; a third place finish earns this kind of medal
butterfly; this is one of the swimming events
canoe; this water sport requires a single-bladed paddle
cauldron; a large fireproof pot, such as the one that holds the Olympic Flame
ceremony; a formal traditional event, such as the opening and closing of the Games
cycling; this may take place in a velodrome or outdoors on a road
decathlon; this combines 10 track and field events
discus; you have to throw a heavy disc the farthest to win
diving; this may be done from a platform or a springboard
equestrian; human and animal athletes are partners in these events
faster; the first word of the three-word Olympic motto
fencing; this may require a foil, epee or sabre
football; this is not the American version, but the game usually called soccer in North America
freestyle; this is one of the swimming events
gymnastics; this may be artistic or rhythmic
higher; the second word of the three-word Olympic motto
hockey; in the summer Olympics this takes place on a field, not on ice
hurdles; runners in this athletics event have to clear these while running fast
javelin; you have to throw a spear the longest distance
judo; throws and takedowns are part of this martial art that started in Japan
jump; you do this in more than one Olympic event and you usually try for the longest or highest
kayak; this water sport requires a double-bladed paddle
marathon; a long-distance race named after a city and battle in ancient Greece
mascot; a character, often an animal, that represents the Olympic Games and brings good luck
pentathlon; the Modern form has fencing, shooting, swimming, equestrian show jumping and running
podium; the gold, silver and bronze medallists stand on this
relay; teammates take turns in this kind of event, each doing part of the race
rings; only male gymnasts compete in this event that requires really strong arms
rhythmic; one type of gymnastics
rowing; in this sport you sit facing backwards in the boat
sailing; you need a racing yacht for this sport
shooting; you may use a pistol or a rifle for this sport
slalom; canoes or kayaks race through whitewater in this kind of race
sprint; a short running, cycling or boating event
stronger; the third word of the three-word Olympic motto
taekwondo; a Korean martial art
tennis; this racquet sport uses a ball
torch; runners carry this to light the Olympic Flame
trampoline; the most recently added gymnastics sport that involves a lot of bouncing
triathlon; swim, cycle and run, one after the other
vault; both male and female gymnasts compete in this type of event, running and springing over something called a horse
velodrome; an arena with a banked track for cycling
volleyball; traditional indoor or beach, they are both Olympic sports
wrestling; Greco-Roman or freestyle

balance beam; women's gymnastics
gold medal; award that goes to the winner of an
hammer throw; athletics (track and field)
high jump; athletics (track and field)
long jump; athletics (track and field)
mountain bike; cycling
pole vault; athletics (track and field)
pommel horse; gymnastics
race walking; athletics (track and field)
road race; cycling
shot put; athletics (track and field)
silver medal; award that goes to the second place finisher in an
still rings; men's gymnastics
table tennis; China-dominated
uneven bars; women's gymnastics
water polo; aquatics