Easter Words and Phrases Guessing Game

Guess as many Easter words or phrases as you can in one minute.

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Easter bonnet:Wear this on your head, with all its frills upon it, for the Easter parade Easter parade:Stroll down Fifth Avenue in your Easter bonnet to take part in this holiday event Irving Berlin:He wrote, "In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade," and a few other popular tunes as well, including "White Christmas" and "God Bless America" White House lawn:Where the annual national Easter Egg Roll takes place Easter bunny:He hops around at Easter time, laying or hiding colored eggs or delivering Easter baskets Easter Peeps:Marshmallow-y, unnaturally bright treats, shaped liked chicks or bunnies that pop up at Easter time Easter egg:Hard-boil and dye one for Easter morning - a Ukrainian pysanky, or a Google hidden in-joke Easter basket:Initially designed to look like a bird's nest, this is where you find your Easter goodies Faberge egg:An intricate and precious jeweled creation, often with hidden delights and traditionally given as a special Russian imperial family gift Easter egg hunt:The traditional holiday search for items planted by the Easter bunny Easter egg roll:They hold one on the White House lawn every year Easter Lily:The fragrant, white, trumpet-shaped flower that you see in pots around Easter time Ukrainian:An elaborately decorated pysanky is this kind of Easter egg hard-boiled:How a lot of Easter eggs are cooked or describing a kind of detective fiction jelly beans:Colorful little candies that were a Ronald Reagan favorite hot cross bun:A sweet baked treat, marked with a cross on top, that's associated with Easter chocolate Easter bunny:Whether solid or hollow, this is a favorite Easter basket treat - the only question is whether to start with the ears or the feet! chocolate Easter eggs:Most kids will take these before their hard-boiled brightly dyed counterparts anytime marshmallow:At other times of the year you might think of these in connection with a campfire, but during Easter, you have to think Peeps! Good Friday:The day before the day before Easter Lent:The period between Ash Wednesday and Easter, when Christian tradition calls for abstaining from meat, eggs and dairy products. Ash Wednesday:46 days before Easter and the start of Lent Mardi Gras:The carnival that ends on the day before Ash Wednesday, your last chance to indulge in rich foods like milk and eggs before Lent starts, and an especially good time to be in New Orleans Palm Sunday:The Sunday before Easter Sunday Maundy Thursday:The Thursday before Easter Sunday commemorating the Last Supper moveable feast:Term for a Christian feast day whose date changes from year to year - like Easter equinox:When day and night are the same length - Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon that follows the spring or vernal one Easter Island:Polynesian land with BIG statues that was spotted by a Dutch explorer on Easter Sunday 1722 Alberta:The world's biggest Easter egg is a Vegreville landmark in this Canadian province batik:The wax-resist method used to create pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs - you're probably more familiar with the term when applied to designs on cloth Sunday:Easter falls on different dates every year, but it's always on this day March:One of the two months when Easter may occur April:One of the two months in which Easter may fall Peter Cottontail:Here he comes, hopping down the bunny trail... frills:frivolous extras, like the ones upon your Easter bonnet Fifth Avenue:The New York street that you might stroll down during the Easter Parade