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2020 was an UNPRECEDENTED year, that definitely expanded the average person's vocabulary.

Think back on the year and try to guess some of the words and phrases that were suddenly on everyone's lips in the year 2020. Hint: Start your guessing with vowels - they're free here!

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absentee ballot=you vote by this if you can't cast your ballot in person aerosol transmission=spreading germs through tiny droplets that are exhaled and can hang around for a while and travel on air currents along party lines=a vote where everybody in one party votes one way and everybody in the other party votes the other way antibody test=a way to determine if you've been infected in the past by measuring your body's natural protein defenses asymptomatic transmission=spread by disease carriers who have no outward signs of the disease battleground state=a state which could be won by either candidate or party and could be critical to the outcome of an election Big Blue Wall=bloc of states that had traditionally voted for the Democratic party Black Lives Matter=a social activist movement advocating against police brutality and racially motivated violence Brexit=the UK's withdrawal from the EU bubble=a small group of people that limit their social contacts to within the group candidate=somebody who's running for some political office clinical trials=studies where an experimental drug is given to people to find out whether it is safe and effective cloth mask=wear one on your face to trap droplets that you exhale that might infect others community transmission=when the source of an infection can't be traced to a specific contact with a confirmed case confirmed cases=those that are suspected to have the disease who have actually tested positive contact tracing=tracking down everyone that's spent time with an infected person contagious=able to be spread from person to person convalescent plasma=blood from people who've had an illness that is given to new victims in the hope that it will help them recover coronavirus=it causes the common cold, SARS, MERS and, of course, COVID-19 COVID-19=caused by a new coronavirus, it ravaged the world in 2020 defund the police=slogan heard during the George Floyd protests calling for reduced police budgets and areas of resonsibility distance learning=what took the place of in-person classes when schools had to shut down Dr. Anthony Fauci=a top infectious disease expert who became one of the nation's most trusted figures during the COVID pandemic drive-through testing=when people in their cars line up to find out if they had COVID-19 electable=not unacceptable to most voters and thus likely or able to win electoral votes=you need a majority of these to be elected President of the United States epidemiologist=somebody who studies diseases in populations to determine causes and how to stop them essential worker=somebody who provides services that we can't do without, like first responders or those who provide food and health care exit poll=asking voters about themselves and how they voted right after they vote face mask=it covers your mouth and nose and helps block respiratory droplets that you're producing face shield=a plastic barrier that helps keep respiratory droplets from landing on your fact flatten the curve=slowing a virus' spread so that fewer people need to seek treatment at any given time furlough=temporary loss of a job, during which unemployment payments can be collected as a result of the April COVID relief bill George Floyd=his death at the hands of police sparked world-wide anti-police brutality protests hand sanitizer=should be at least 60% alcohol and somebody probably gave you a squirt many times during 2020 herd immunity=when most people, in the case of COVID about 70%, are immune to a disease, making disease spread unlikely hydroxychloroquine=a malaria drug touted by President Trump, but not the CDC, FDA or NIH, as an effective COVID-19 treatment I can't breathe=dying words uttered by George Floyd, Eric Garner and others that became a rallying cry for Black Lives Matter and other anti-police brutality supporters indoor dining=what normally happened at a restaurant until the pandemic Iowa caucus=the first Democratic nominating contest for the 2020 presidential election that took place in this top corn-producing state lame duck=an outgoing elected official whose successor has already been elected long COVID=long-term health problems that show up or linger after normal COVID recovery mitigation=reduction of risk or harm, e.g. measures such as masking or social distancing moderate=mainstream, not extreme, like say, Joe Biden Moderna=the second vaccine developer to submit a COVID vaccine to the FDA for approval N95 respirator=virus-blocking mask that filters at least 95% of airborne particles nasal swab=that really long, uncomfortable-looking item that gets the sample for a COVID test outbreak=a sudden rise in the number of cases of a disease pandemic=a world-wide epidemic politicized=being seen through an ideological lens rather than objectively populism=political stance that champions the common person against an oppressive elite establishment positivity rate=the percent that test positive presidential debate=there was only 1 in 2020 - the 2nd was canceled when Trump tested positive fand refused a remote format presidential primary=an election to decide who will be the party's candidate for the top office personal protective equipment=masks, gowns, gloves, etc. that minimize exposure to harmful substances such as viruses Pfizer and BioNTech=the first vaccine developers to submit their candidate to the FDA for approval Proud Boys=President Trump told them to stand back and stay by provisional ballot=used to record a vote of a person who's eligibility to vote is in question QAnon conspiracy theory=the belief that America is run by a cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshippers that only President Trump can defeat quarantine=keeping an infected person away from others, to prevent spread of a disease quid pro quo=a trade or exchange razor-thin margin=the tiny amount of votes that the winning candidate won by in some critical states recanvass=checking the math or accuracy of ballot number calculations recount=what you may do with the votes if the results are very close remote learning=how kids are educated when they can't go to school in person respiratory droplets=potentially germ-carrying stuff that's exhaled, may be visible and falls to the ground rapidly self-isolating at home=staying at home and avoiding contact with others to avoid spreading infection shelter-in-place order=instruction to immediately find the nearest safe location and stay there until further notice shutdown=what happened in 2020 when businesses and schools closed to slow the spread of COVID social distancing=keeping 6 feet or 2 m away from others and avoiding gathering in large groups stay-at-home order=direction to not go out except for essential services stimulus bill=governmental financial assistance to blunt the economic damage of the pandemic superspreader event=where an infected person mingles with many other people, leading to large clusters of cases systemic racism=discrimination that is considered normal, legal behavior within a society or institution TikTok=a social media platform for sharing short-form videos which was originally developed in China touchless delivery=how you get stuff dropped off to you during the pandemic underlying medical condition=if you have one your chances of suffering a severe case of COVID are much higher unprecedented=the word of the year, describing something never seen before vaccine=it provides immunity to a disease ventilator=a machine that pumps oxygen into your body when you can't breathe on your own voter turnout=the percentage of people that show up and cast their ballots V-shaped recovery=a complete economic upturn just as quick as the preceding downturn work-from-home=what you're doing when you're sitting at the dining room table trying to do your job Wuhan, China=place where COVID19 first appeared