Verb Tense Quiz

Use past, present, and future verb tenses. Recommended level: 3rd Grade and up

We ________ to London last year.
go, will go, went

Yesterday she ________ on the ice.
slips, slipped, will slip

They ________ in Toronto for two years.
are living, live, lived

Tomorrow he ________ to Miami.
has traveled, traveled, will travel
will travel

Mice ________ peanut butter.
love, are loving, loved

Don't bother Tim while he ________.
drives, will drive, drove

When Jen was in Canada she ________ skiing.
goes, will go, went

Right now Niki ________ on the phone.
is, was, will be

Call back later. Ella ________ home soon.
is, was, will be
will be

Blake ________ his homework last night.
finished, finishes, will finish

When my mother was young there ________ no computers.
are, were, will be

By the time she gets here, lunch ________ over.
is, was, will be
will be

Don't bug me while I ________ my homework.
did, do, will do

When the storm hit, Kai ________ his car.
was driving, drives, will drive
was driving

She always ________ cereal for breakfast.
eats, ate, will eat

We ________ cake at the party tomorrow.
eat, will eat, ate
will eat

In 2055 Jason ________ 50 years old?
will be, was, is
will be

You are late! The train ________ already.
was leaving, leaves, has left
has left

She is hungry because she ________ since yesterday.
hasn't eaten, hasn't ate, isn't eating
hasn't eaten

I thought I ________ her before, but I was wrong.
was meeting, had met, meet
had met

We ________ lunch an hour ago.
finish, finished, will finish

Last weekend we ________ to the cottage.
go, will go, went

Lucy always ________ asleep after she eats.
falls, fell, has fallen

I ________ the bike as soon as I can.
fix, fixed, will fix
will fix

Last year they ________ tomatoes in the garden.
grow, will grow, grew

Look up! I ________ a plane in the sky.
see, will see, have seen

While Luis ________ a movie, his friend studied.
watched, is watching, will watch

It rained, and I wish I ________ my umbrella.
have, had, will have

Joey ________ her driver's test twice before she finally passed it.
tries, tried, will try
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