Continuous Verb Tenses Worksheet

Know when to use the present, past and future continuous verb tenses instead of the simple present, past and future. Recommended level: 4th Grade

Pick the best verb form.

She ________ at least ten books every year.
reads, is reading

He ________ Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
reads, is reading
is reading

Today Kira ________ to school.
walks, is walking
is walking

Juan ________ to school every day.
walks, is walking

I ________ you are wearing a new shirt.
think, am thinking

The team ________ very well this season.
plays, is playing
is playing

He ________ basketball like a pro.
plays, is playing

We ________ a party for you tonight.
throw, are throwing
are throwing

I ________ Bob when he gets off work.
meet, am meeting
am meeting

I ________ my homework, so can't play now.
do, am doing
am doing

Cora ________ in Boston for the next month.
lives, is living
is living

I ________ my teeth every day.
brush, am brushing

Tonight we ________ at your house.
stay, are staying
are staying

Right now I ________ a movie.
watch, am watching
am watching

Kylie usually ________ cereal for breakfast.
eats, is eating

You ________ when I called.
studied, were studying
were studying

She ________ to music, so didn't hear the phone.
listened, was listening
was listening

My sister ________ Atlanta when she called me last night.
visited, was visiting
was visiting

While walking to school, he ________ a skunk.
saw, was seeing

While on the phone, she ________ the doorbell.
missed, was missing

Rachel ________ to me on her phone when it lost its signal.
talked, was talking
was talking

Last summer, Jennifer frequently ________ her friend's cottage.
visited, was visiting

The man ________ the police as soon as he discovered the break-in.
called, was calling

We ________ to make pizza for supper.
decided, were deciding

The speeding car ________ into the curb.
crashed, was crashing

Grier ________ for a job in New York when one suddenly turned up in Boston.
looked, was looking
was looking

Ari ________ near Tampa when his boat hit a sandbar.
sailed, was sailing
was sailing

We ________ in deep water when we saw a shark.
swam, were swimming
were swimming

I ________ when your bus arrives.
will wait, will be waiting
will be waiting

I promise that I ________ the dishes tonight.
will do, will be doing
will do

Exactly one week from today, he ________ in a Paris café.
will sit, will be sitting
will be sitting

I ________ when your bus arrives.
will wait, will be waiting
will be waiting

I ________ outside if you need to find me.
will work, will be working
will be working

I ________ you forever.
will love, will be loving
will love

You ________ better if you have some chicken soup.
will feel, will be feeling
will feel

Although he'd love to, Joe ________ dinner with us tonight.
won't have, won't be having
won't be having

When you call me later, I ________ TV.
will watch, will be watching
will be watching

The minute he gets home, he ________ supper.
will cook, will be cooking
will cook

Don't visit her now. She ________ her homework.
will do, will be doing
will be doing

I ________ that book when I finish this one.
will read, will be reading
will read

The baby ________ by the time we get home.
will sleep, will be sleeping
will be sleeping

He ________ all night, so will be very tired tomorrow.
will work, will be working
will be working ©Courseware Solutions