Verb Tense Quiz

Use past, future perfect, and other verb tenses. Recommended level: 5th Grade and up

Cici ________ here from Hong Kong last year.
moved, had moved, will move

By tomorrow I ________ 100 pages of the book.
read, had read, will have read
will have read

They ________ in Atlanta for more than ten years.
are living, have lived, live
have lived

Jay ________ a bike for a long time.
has been wanting, is wanting, will want
has been wanting

She ________ to a movie tomorrow night.
will have gone, is going, has gone
is going

While he ________ for the bus, it rained.
is waiting, will be waiting, was waiting
was waiting

Gina ________ for weeks before she finally did a good back flip.
practices, had practiced, will practice
had practiced

You ________ Italian by the time you return from Italy.
are mastering, mastered, will have mastered
will have mastered

Mike ________ the book you gave him for his birthday.
loved, had loved, will have loved

By next year I ________ the course.
completed, will have completed, am completing
will have completed

By the time you arrived, I ________ for hours.
had been waiting, am waiting, will wait
had been waiting

The house was built in the spot where the old cottage ________.
will stand, will have stood, had stood
had stood

Although I saw Lea last night at the club, I ________ her in months.
haven't seen, will have seen, hadn't seen
hadn't seen

The race starts at 2, and by 2:15 I ________ at least 3K.
had run, will have run, was running
will have run

When the storm struck, Grier ________ in her car.
was driving, had driven, will have driven
was driving

By the time the police got there, the thief ________ away.
will have run, had run, will run
had run

I ________ for him to call, when he suddenly walked in the door.
waited, will wait, had been waiting
had been waiting

We ________ refreshments at the party tomorrow.
will have had, will have, had
will have

Who ________ all the milk?
drank, drunk, has drunken

You are late! The train ________ already.
was leaving, will have left, has left
has left

She was hungry because she ________ since early morning.
hadn't eaten, hadn't ate, isn't eating
hadn't eaten

I thought I ________ her before, but I was wrong.
was meeting, had met, will have met
had met

By the end of next year, he ________ her for 5 years.
will have known, is knowing, has known
will have known

By next week, he ________ on the job for a month.
was, will have been, is
will have been

By the time Juliana got home, her father ________ dinner.
had cooked, will cook, cooks
had cooked

In 2040 I ________ a club member for 30 years.
was, will have been, had been
will have been

By tomorrow afternoon Liam ________ his third test.
finished, will have finished, has finished
will have finished

If you ________ harder, you would have passed the test.
had studied, study, will study
had studied

While Luis ________ a movie, his friend studied.
watched, is watching, has watched

It rained, and I wish I ________ my umbrella.
was taking, had taken, will take
had taken

The children ________ for 10 minutes when the teacher arrived.
are fighting, will fight, had been fighting
had been fighting

Charlie ________ to go to Mexico for a long time.
has been wanting, is wanting, will want
has been wanting

Joey ________ her driver's test twice before she finally passed it yesterday.
tries, had tried, will try
had tried

By next year I ________ 1,000 bonus points.
collected, will have collected, have collected
will have collected

By the time the plane landed, the weather ________.
is clearing, had cleared, will clear
had cleared

They were very hungry when they arrived because they ________.
haven't eaten, hadn't eaten, will have eaten
hadn't eaten

She ________ to Africa many times.
was going, has gone, will have gone
has gone

By the time the troops arrived, the war ________.
has ended, had ended, will have ended
had ended

Women ________ in US presidential elections since 1921.
vote, have voted, had voted
have voted

By the time help arrives, the refugees ________ many weeks.
waited, have waited, will have waited
will have waited

The bus ________ by the time I got to the bus stop.
has already left, had already left, will have already left
had already left

The plane ________ by the time we get through this traffic.
has left, will have left, was leaving
will have left

My parents ________ on King Street for 50 years and they’re still there.
live, have lived, will have lived
have lived

As soon as I saw her face, I knew I ________ her before.
had met, have met, was meeting
had met

By this time tomorrow, he ________ his exams.
finished, had finished, will have finished
will have finished

In July this year, they ________ 10 years.
are married, have been married, will have been married
will have been married

I ________ for hours for Li to reply, and I’m still waiting.
have been waiting, had been waiting, am waiting
have been waiting

He didn’t realize that he ________ his keys until he got home.
has lost, had lost, will have lost
had lost ©Courseware Solutions