Western U. S. Map Reading Quiz

Use the map to answer the questions. Click the state NAME that is the answer.
Earn 2 points for each right answer.
Lose 1 for each error. Score 12 to win!


Click the state's NAME on the map to answer.

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4 states share a border with Mexico.; California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas Which state is on the eastern border of Washington and Oregon?; Idaho Which state is just south of South Dakota?; Nebraska Which state is just west of North Dakota?; Montana Which state is Utah's western neighbor?; Nevada When you cross the southern border of Kansas you will be in what state?; Oklahoma When you cross the northern border of Kansas you will be in what state?; Nebraska Which is the larger state in terms of area, Montana or Wyoming?; Montana Which is larger in terms of area, New Mexico or North Dakota?; New Mexico Which state is smaller in area, Washington or Oregon?; Washington Which state has the longest border with Mexico?; Texas Which state has the longest border with Canada?; Montana Which state has the longest Pacific coastline?; California California has a border with two states to the east. The longer eastern border is with which state?; Nevada Which is further south, Utah or Oklahoma?; Oklahoma Which is further north, Kansas or Wyoming?; Wyoming 4 states have a Canadian border.; Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota 4 states meet at a point called the Four Corners.; Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico 3 states have a Pacific coastline.; Washington, Oregon, California 2 states are shaped like rectangles.; Wyoming, Colorado 2 states have Nevada as a western neighbor.; Utah, Arizona