Subject Verb Agreement Quick Quiz - Basic

Test your mastery of basic subject verb agreement.
Pick the correct verb to complete each sentence.

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City lights _ a glow that blocks stars from view./1/causes,cause The sun _ light to the planets./0/gives,give The children _ a cheer when the team comes in./1/gives,give A meteor _ up as it drops towards Earth./0/burns,burn Astronomers _ a lot about the stars./1/knows,know She _ a picture of the full moon./0/takes,take The planets _ around on their axes. /1/spins,spin The children _ when they see the meteor./1/shouts,shout She _ a shooting star./0/sees,see Can you _ me from way up there?/1/sees,see Saturn _ like a big ball with rings./0/looks,look The planets _ like stars in the night sky./1/looks,look A telescope _ us see the planets./0/helps,help The Earth _ warmth from the sun./0/gets,get The planets _ from one another in size./1/differs,differ Jupiter _ the largest planet./0/is,are The stars _ hard to see in the city./1/is,are The moon _ around the Earth./0/orbits,orbit Planets _ around the sun./1/orbits,orbit A planet _ its position constantly./0/changes,change Comets _ warmer as they get close to the sun./1/gets,get The Alpha star _ the brightest./0/shines,shine The stars _ in the night sky./1/shines,shine The largest moon crater _ a huge area./0/covers,cover He _ the ball quickly up the court./0/moves,move She _ down the court./0/runs,run James _ a quick shot./0/takes,take Wiggins _ from behind the three-point line./0/shoots,shoot Jason _ the score with a three-point shot./0/ties,tie Payton _ the tickets for the game./0/buys,buy The big man _ the shot easily./0/blocks,block The player _ at the free-throw line./0/stands,stand He _ three quick baskets to tie the game./0/sinks,sink She _ over 20 points for the fourth game in a row./0/scores,score Taylor _ to predict who will be in the Sweet Sixteen./0/tries,try Paul _ a perfect, no-look pass./0/makes,make He _ the ball with authority./0/dunks,dunk Curry _ the game with a three-point shot as the clock runs out./0/wins,win The ball _ off the rim./0/bounces, bounce The mascot _ from the sidelines./0/cheers,cheer The trainer _ her a towel./0/hands,hand We _ it to be a close game./1/expects,expect My friends _ tickets for the game./1/buys,buy The two guards _ the ball quickly up the court./1/moves,move Often point guards _ the play./1/directs,direct They _ the first game of the season./1/wins,win You _ in the name of the team that you think will win./1/fills,fill They _ by a single point!/1/wins,win The players _ out onto the court./1/runs,run The cheerleaders _ from the sidelines./1/cheers,cheer They _ over 80 points in the final game./1/scores,score We _ it to be a close game./1/expects,expect The mascots _ around the court./1/runs,run My friends _ to predict who will be in the Sweet Sixteen./1/tries,try The fans _ their approval./1/roars,roar The two players _ when the referee throws the ball in the air./1/jumps,jump Two of the starters _ freshmen./1/is,are Do you _ Christmas?/1/celebrates,celebrate My sister _ all my presents for me./0/wraps,wrap The students _ presents for the children in need./1/wraps,wrap My aunt _ the best apple pie./0/bakes,bake The chefs _ cakes shaped like trees./1/bakes,bake He _ every baseball game on TV./0/watches,watch The children _ the seals at the zoo./1/watches,watch Her uncle _ all the children gifts of money./0/gives,give I always _ a good gift to my best friend./1/gives,give The snow _ heavily through the night./0/falls,fall Beautiful snowflakes _ for two days straight./1/falls,fall Martha _ a great chocolate chip cookie./0/makes,make The children _ paper snowflakes in class./1/makes,make Our players _ 38 points in the final game./1/scores,score He _, he scores!/0/shoots,shoot If you _ 4 under par, you will win./1/shoots,shoot He _ very quickly./0/runs,run The athletes _ around the track./1/runs,run Sharmin _ the ball into the net./0/kicks,kick Two players _ the ball at the same time./1/kicks,kick Juan _ to first base./0/walks,walk The players _ onto the field./1/walks,walk Ella _ around the rink./0/skates,skate The boys _ on the frozen pond./1/skates,skate Football _ my father's favorite sport./0/is,are Rachel _ across the pool./0/swims,swim The girls on the swim team _ very well./1/swims,swim My aunt _ off the high diving board./0/dives,dive Only crazy people _ off the high sea cliff./1/dives,dive