Subject Verb Agreement Quick Quiz - Intermediate

Test your mastery of subject verb agreement.
Pick the correct verb to complete each sentence.

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Derrick and Tony _ going to be our starting guards./1/is,are The mascot and the captain _ the team out./1/leads,lead Blake and Weston _ 7 points in the final game./1/scores,score Emily and Larissa _ a comet./1/sees,see My sister and brother _ a lot of basketball during the playoffs./1/watches,watch Logan and Sam _ on the frozen pond./1/skates,skate The engineer and the astronomer _ meeting today./1/is,are***His warmup pants _ on the bench./1/is,are Her sports goggles _ her glasses./1/protects,protect Your new sunglasses _ good on you./1/looks,look Safety glasses _ your eyes when you are drilling./1/protects,protect The sharp scissors _ the canvas easily./1/cuts,cut His jeans _ brand new./1/looks,look Shorts _ not permitted according to the dress code./1/is,are***My family _ Kwanzaa./0/celebrates,celebrate The class _ the national anthem./0/sings,sing Today the class _ the stars/0/studies,study The audience _ them a standing ovation./0/gives,give A group of cheerleaders _ on the sidelines./0/waits,wait The crowd _ with approval./0/roars,roar The team _ every game after the All-Star break./0/wins,win Our team _ by 12 points./0/wins,win The team _ it to the playoffs./0/makes,make The football team _ experience./0/lacks,lack The group _ money for charity./0/raises/raise The school band _ at every game./0/plays,play The support group _ every Friday evening./0/meets,meet The wolf pack _ the herd of elks./0/pursues,pursue The astronomy club _ with evening viewings./0/helps,help A group of astronomers _ meeting today./0/is,are A cluster of stars _ an interesting shape./0/forms,form***There _ six teams in the conference./1/is,are There _ one team in the conference that is clearly better./0/is,are There _ five players on the floor./1/is,are There _ a rainbow shining through the raindrops./0/is,are Here _ the pictures you wanted to see./1/is,are Here _ the book you ordered./0/is,are Onto the court _ the mascot./0/runs,run Onto the court _ the cheerleaders./1/runs,run Through the sky, _ the fighter jets./1/soars,soar High above the fields, _ the hawk./0/soars,soar High above the mountains, _ the full moon./0/shines,shine High above, _ the stars./1/shines,shine When _ the best time to watch a meteor shower?/0/is,are When _ the meteors going to be visible?/1/is,are***A few players _ behind to sign autographs./1/stays,stay A few astronauts _ living at the Space Station./1/is,are Very few _ willing to spend that much for a ticket./1/is,are Both _ the ball well./1/shoots,shoot Both players _ when the referee throws the ball in the air./1/jumps,jump Both the space station and the shuttle _ visible tonight./1/is,are Many people _ lots of sweets during the holidays./1/eats,eat Both _ baseball and go to every game./1/likes,like Many _ that the referee made a really bad call./1/believes,believe Many _ before the game is over./1/leaves,leave Several people _ sure that they saw a white van leaving./1/is,are Both the space station and the shuttle _ visible tonight./1/is,are***Ten seconds _ by in a flash./0/goes,go Two days _ not enough time to finish the book./0/is,are Two hours _ a long time to wait./0/is,are Five minutes _ the length of an overtime period./0/is,are A hundred dollars _ a lot to pay for a ticket./0/is,are Twenty dollars _ like a good price for that item./0/seems,seem Ten cents _ hardly worth arguing about./0/is,are Five miles _ more than I want to walk./0/is,are Two inches _ not much of a snowfall./0/is,are Five inches _ a lot of rain to fall in one hour./0/is,are