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Subject Verb Agreement Quiz - Intermediate

Test your mastery of subject verb agreement.
Circle the correct verb to complete each sentence.
Check your answers and then write the correct verb in each sentence.

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Subject Verb Agreement Quiz - Intermediate

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Subject Verb Agreement Quick Tips:

  1. Two subjects joined by "and" are usually plural and require a plural verb: Kim and Eva are best friends.

    But, "and" can join two things to make a single whole: Fish and chips is an English favorite.
  2. Don't be fooled when the subject comes after the verb - they must still agree. Are Kim and Eva best friends?
  3. Collective nouns like "family" or "committee" are singular when they are being thought of as a single unit: The committee meets once a month.
  4. Pronouns like "few", "both" and "many" refer to more than one thing. Since they're plural, they go with a plural verb: Many fail to understand this.
  5. Expressions of time, money and distance usually take a singular verb: Ten miles is too far to walk.
  6. Some nouns, like "clothes", "glasses" and "pants" are always plural and require a plural verb: The scissors are sharp.

    But: That pair of scissors is sharp. "Pair" is the subject, not "scissors".

    And some nouns, like "news", "mathematics" and "headquarters" may sound plural because they end in "s", but they are singular: No news is good news.
Derrick and Tony _ going to be our guards./1/is,are The mascot and the captain _ the team out./1/leads,lead Blake and Weston _ 7 points in the game./1/scores,score Emily and Larissa _ a comet./1/sees,see My sister and brother _ a lot of basketball./1/watches,watch Logan and Sam _ on the frozen pond./1/skates,skate The engineer and the astronomer _ meeting today./1/is,are***His warmup pants _ on the bench./1/is,are Her sports goggles _ her glasses./1/protects,protect Your new sunglasses _ good on you./1/looks,look Safety glasses _ your eyes when you are drilling./1/protects,protect The sharp scissors _ the canvas easily./1/cuts,cut His jeans _ brand new./1/looks,look Shorts _ not permitted by the dress code./1/is,are***My family _ Kwanzaa./0/celebrates,celebrate The class _ the national anthem./0/sings,sing Today my class _ the stars/0/studies,study The audience _ them a standing ovation./0/gives,give A group of cheerleaders _ on the sidelines./0/waits,wait The crowd _ with approval./0/roars,roar The team _ every game after the All-Star break./0/wins,win Our team _ by 12 points./0/wins,win The team _ it to the playoffs./0/makes,make The football team _ experience./0/lacks,lack The group _ money for charity./0/raises,raise The school band _ at every game./0/plays,play The support group _ every Friday./0/meets,meet The wolf pack _ the herd of elks./0/pursues,pursue The astronomy club _ with evening viewings./0/helps,help A group of astronomers _ meeting today./0/is,are A cluster of stars _ an interesting shape./0/forms,form***There _ six teams in the league./1/is,are There _ one team in the conference that is clearly better./0/is,are There _ five players on the floor./1/is,are There _ a rainbow across the sky./0/is,are Here _ the pictures you wanted to see./1/is,are Here _ the book you ordered./0/is,are Onto the court _ the mascot./0/runs,run Onto the court _ the cheerleaders./1/runs,run Through the sky, _ the fighter jets./1/soars,soar High above the fields, _ the hawk./0/soars,soar In the clear night sky, _ the full moon./0/shines,shine High above, _ the stars./1/shines,shine When _ the best time to watch a meteor shower?/0/is,are When _ the meteors going to be visible?/1/is,are***A few players _ to sign autographs./1/stays,stay A few astronauts _ living at the Space Station./1/is,are Very few _ willing to spend that much for a ticket./1/is,are Few _ why he quit the game./1/understands,understand Few _ how talented she really is./1/recognizes, recognize Both guards _ the ball well./1/shoots,shoot Both players _ when the referee throws the ball up./1/jumps,jump Both the space station and the shuttle _ visible./1/is,are Many people _ lots of sweets during the holidays./1/eats,eat Both _ baseball and go to every game./1/likes,like Many _ that the referee made a really bad call./1/believes,believe Many _ before the game is over./1/leaves,leave Many _ every single game./1/attends,attend Several people _ sure that they saw the bus./1/is,are Both the space station and the shuttle _ visible./1/is,are***Ten seconds _ by in a flash./0/goes,go Two days _ not enough time to finish the book./0/is,are Two hours _ a long time to wait./0/is,are Five minutes _ the length of an overtime./0/is,are A hundred dollars _ a lot to pay./0/is,are Twenty dollars _ like a good price./0/seems,seem Ten cents _ hardly worth arguing about./0/is,are Five miles _ more than I want to walk./0/is,are Two inches _ not much of a snowfall./0/is,are Five inches _ a lot of rain to fall in one hour./0/is,are