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Subject Verb Agreement Quiz - Advanced

Circle the correct verb to complete each sentence.
Check your answers and then write the correct verb in each sentence.

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Subject Verb Agreement Quiz - Advanced

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Advanced Subject Verb Agreement Quick Tips:

  1. Pronouns ending in "one" and "body" are singular: Everybody is ready to go.
  2. The number of the subject (singular or plural) is not changed by words that come in between the subject and the verb: One of the moons is named Phobos.
  3. But subjects like "some," "half," "none," "more," or "all" can be singular or plural depending on what they refer to: Half of the players are over six feet tall.

    And since "team" is singular: Half of the team is out on the floor warming up.
  4. If two subjects are connected by the words "or," "nor," "neither/nor," "either/or," or "not only/but also," use the verb form of the subject that is nearest the verb: Neither the rooster nor the hens are in the barnyard.

    And, Neither the hens nor the rooster is in the barnyard.

    Notice that this applies to TWO subjects joined by the PAIRS "neither/nor," "either/or," or "not only/but also." "Either" and "neither" on their own are singular: Neither of the hens is in the barnyard.

Over 40 percent of his three-point attempts _ good./1/is,are 100 percent of the crowd _ to support the team./0/seems,seem Ten percent of the students _ used a telescope./1/has,have Fifty percent of the class _ used binoculars./0/has,have Half the fans _ before the end of the game./1/leaves, leave Half of the building _ power during the storm./0/loses,lose Some of the players _ the shootaround./1/misses,miss Some of the fans _ around for autographs./1/waits,wait Some of the crowd _ the penalty call./0/boos,boo Some of the stars _ autographs for the fans./1/signs,sign Some of the game _ pretty boring./0/is,are A lot of people _ that our team will make the finals./1/believes,believe A lot of the story _ very familiar./0/sounds,sound Most of the stars _ billions of years to burn out./1/takes,take Most of the planet _ covered with water./0/is,are All of the forwards _ good defensive players./1/is,are All of the team _ to the morning practice./0/comes,come All of the players _ to the morning practice./1/comes,come All of the team _ for the anthem./0/stands,stand All the reports on the mission _ on the desk./1/sits,sit All students in that class _ the stars./1/studies,study All the students _ computers and telescopes./1/has,have All of the class _ when introduced./0/stands,stand***Either Robinson or O'Neal _ likely to be our center./0/is,are Neither Dennis nor Moses _ the rebound./0/grabs,grab Either the mascot or the cheerleaders _ the crowd during timeouts./1/entertains,entertain Either their star or their role players _ to step up tonight./1/needs,need Neither Vince nor his teammates _ up for the meeting./1/shows,show Neither Venus nor Mercury _ life as we know it./0/supports,support Neither her shooting nor her passing _ improvement./0/needs,need Either the flight director or the astronauts _ at fault./1/is,are Either Dave or Ella _ the star gazing./0/supervises,supervise Either the members or the volunteers _ the observatory./1/supervises,supervise Either the space station or the shuttle _ visible tonight./0/is,are Neither of the guards _ well./0/shoots,shoot Neither of the teams _ well./0/rebounds,rebound Neither of the guards _ well./0/shoots,shoot Neither of the teams _ well./0/rebounds,rebound Either of the forwards _ able to fill in at center./0/is,are Neither of them _ point guard very well./0/plays,play Neither of them _ likely to be drafted early./0/is,are***Everybody _ going wild./0/is,are Everyone _ it to be a close game./0/expects,expect Everyone _ that stars are made of gases./0/thinks,think Everyone _ a lot during holiday feasts./0/eats,eat Everyone with binoculars _ craters on the moon./0/sees,see Everybody _ shooting well tonight./0/is,are Everybody _ they could be a great team./0/thinks,think Everyone _ the team to make the playoffs./0/expects,expect Everyone _ it will be an exciting game./0/hopes,hope Everybody _ when they see the meteor./0/shouts,shout Everybody _ when the team comes out./0/cheers,cheer Everybody from the astronomy club _ the telescope./0/uses,use Nobody _ shooting well today./0/is,are Nobody _ the Celtics are going to win./0/thinks,think Nobody _ to believe we lost./0/wants,want Somebody in the crowd _ to cheer./0/starts,start Somebody _ him a towel as he goes to the bench./0/hands,hand***That pair of sunglasses _ good on you./0/looks,look A pair of warmup pants _ in the locker./0/is,are A group of very tall men with their sports equipment _ the plane./0/boards,board A vase of daisies and wildflowers _ on the table./0/sits,sit The bus full of players, trainers and coaches _ the parking lot./0/leaves,leave The best shooter on the Pistons _ the small forward./0/is,are The best player among the forwards _ Pierce./0/is,are Light rays from the sun _ 8 minutes to reach Earth./1/takes,take The book on galaxies and star clusters _ interesting./0/is,are The books on our solar system _ ready for pickup./1/is,are The stars, including the sun, _ light to the planets./1/gives,give A family with five kids _ to Florida for the launch./0/travels,travel The members of Jared's family _ to Cape Canaveral. /1/travels,travel The public _ star parties at the local planetarium./0/attends,attend Members of the public _ special events at the museum./1/attends,attend The number of players drafted right out of high school _ small./0/is,are A number of teams _ to trade for him./1/hopes,hope A number of players _ over 7 feet tall./1/is,are One of the referees _ the call./0/makes,make One of the conference speakers _ an astronaut./0/is,are One of my friends _ behind to help me clean up./0/stays,stay Every one of the players _ the coach./0/respects,respect Every one of the planets _ the sun./0/orbits,orbit Every one of the other planets _ denser than Saturn./0/is,are