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Scrambled Comics Word Game

Use capitalization, punctuation and word order skills to restore the original text from this comic.
Pick two words and they will switch places. Correctly placed words will be marked in black.
Scrambled Text from the Comic

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dp001; It's the groom! He says it's on again!; Inherit the Mirth by Cuyler Black dp002; It's a flashlight. I couldn't find any candles.; Herman by Jim Unger dp003; Seriously, stop making motorboat noises with your lips.; Speed Bump by Dave Coverly dp004; In an effort to be more transparent, items four and five are the former hidden agenda.; Joe Vanilla by Mark Litzler dp005; ...and she'll cruise all day long at eighty!; Mac by Michael McParlane dp006; Our new logo gets right to the heart of the matter.; Joe Vanilla by Mark Litzler dp007; Remember how hard research was before the Internet?; Joe Vanilla by Mark Litzler dp008; Hi! This is the Defensive Coordinator. I'm not available, but if you'll leave a message I will...; In the Bleachers by Steve Moore dp009; A squirrel, impressive! I'm still chasing a stick.; Speed Bump by Dave Coverly dp010; I love how you fit an entire narrative into a single panel.; Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler 2d1; A four-year, $60 million contract and he can't even do a decent end-zone dance!; Bliss by Harry Bliss 2d2; I'm wrapping it tightly to keep the ankle from swelling.; In the Bleachers by Steve Moore 2d3; The key to meditation is learning to stay.; Half Full by Maria Scrivan 2d4; My grandfather carved that thing to scare kids away from playing on his lawn, and now it controls the entire village.; Bizarro by Dan Piraro 2d5; You call yourself 'early man'? You're three hours late!; Herman by Jim Unger 2d6; Oh, Martin - take that silly thing off. You're scaring the children.; The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn 2d7; They're not laughing at you. They're laughing with you.; Loose Parts by Dave Blazek 2d8; I wonder if it was true when she told me cats must have a state license to scratch furniture.; Kit 'N' Carlyle by Larry Wright 2d9; Whose bright idea was it to place the ark animals alphabetically?!; Inherit the Mirth by Cuyler Black 2d10; The three hour surcharge... that's for Marmaduke's help.; Marmaduke by Brad Anderson 2d11; It's not a fair fight. Online retailers know more about me than I do about their stuff.; Joe Vanilla by Mark Litzler 2d12; He may be a day late, but at least he doesn't slobber all over it...; Mac by Michael McParlane 2d13; All in all we had a lovely time in London, although I did have a bit of trouble remembering which side of the car to stick my head out of.; Rubes by Leigh Rubin 2d14; You make me want to meet a better person.; Bliss by Harry Bliss 2d15; I'm just placing orders for our next meal. Now, do you come with any sides or appetizers?; Break of Day by Nate Fakes 2d16; I like to find houses and flip them.; Speed Bump by Dave Coverly 2d17; I'm sorry, today is the day the teddy bears have their picnic.; Bizarro by Dan Piraro 2d18; Good grief, man! How does anyone swallow an electric toothbrush?; Herman by Jim Unger 2d19; I could climb down, but I'd rather you build an elevator.; Kit 'N' Carlyle by Larry Wright 2d20; Marmaduke catches the Frisbee better if I draw pepperoni slices on it.; Marmaduke by Brad Anderson 2d21; Great news! Turns out pits are even cheaper than cubicles!; Loose Parts by Dave Blazek 2d22; People want authenticity so that's what we'll devise.; Joe Vanilla by Mark Litzler 2d23; I'm convinced that I can beat City Hall...; Mac by Michael McParlane 2d24; Let us once again review yesterday's teachings on the importance of overcoming temptation.; Rubes by Leigh Rubin 2d25; In this piece, the price clearly does not reflect what the artist is trying to say.; Bliss by Harry Bliss 2d26; I said just a little off the top! I didn't want my wings clipped!; Break of Day by Nate Fakes 2d27; I'd like to update my Facebook status.; Bizarro by Dan Piraro 2d28; The food here is excellent, but just try separating it from the waiters.; Off the Mark by Mark Parisi 2d29; After last week's incident, I've decided we will no longer bow our heads to pray.; The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn 3d1; I'm surprised, but I've become a big fan of babysitting.; Kit 'N' Carlyle by Larry Wright 3d2; You're right. Maybe the museum world has gotten a little too commercial these days.; Loose Parts by Dave Blazek 3d3; I replaced my imaginary friend with my Twitter followers.; Joe Vanilla by Mark Litzler 3d4; ...and talk to the neighbor... I caught his kid running through our yard again last night.; Mac by Michael McParlane 3d5; Oh, nothing much, just a postcard from my guardian angel. He's on vacation.; Rubes by Leigh Rubin 3d6; Naptime is over. Let's break for lunch.; Break of Day by Nate Fakes 3d7; Press one for English, two for Spanish or just hang on until we disconnect you.; Half Full by Maria Scrivan 3d8; This is stupid, we might as well just deal the cards facing up.; Brevity by Dan Thompson 3d9; Well, of course you got hacked again! "Open Sesame" is, like, the worst password ever.; Speed Bump by Dave Coverly 3d10; Oh, great... Why did his name have to be Rip?; Off the Mark by Mark Parisi 3d11; Bear with me. I'm just Googling 'meaning of life.'; Bliss by Harry Bliss 3d12; I bet you all the texting I've sent from here ends up in oblivion.; Compu-toon by Charles Boyce 3d13; But are you faster than my 4G network?; Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler 3d14; If it's art, I love it. If it's a window, we're toast.; Loose Parts by Dave Blazek 3d15; Since we've taken a vow of silence maybe you'd like to look at my Instagram?; Half Full by Maria Scrivan 3d16; Oh my lord, they've turned into pillows!; Brevity by Dan Thompson 3d17; But they're sooo heavy. Can't I get the iPad version?; Birdbrains by Thom Bluemel 3d18; I thought it was a food chain thing at first, too, but it turns out they're an a cappella group.; Speed Bump by Dave Coverly 3d19; You'll be happy to see that I've finally managed to turn things around.; Cornered by Mike Baldwin 3d20; This is pure heresy! Everybody knows that the Earth revolves around us!; Rubes by Leigh Rubin 3d21; Teddy did you finish setting up your domino thing?; Brevity by Dan Thompson 3d22; I can't believe you're better at this than me!; Off the Mark by Mark Parisi 3d23; Oh, ha, ha, no-we didn't meet online. I bought a 3D printer.; Bliss by Harry Bliss 3d24; I know they're hot, but the oven mitt isn't allowed, Bob.; Speed Bump by Dave Coverly 3d25; Oh! I didn't hear you come in!; Strange Brew by John Deering 3d26; Please listen carefully as our menu options have changed.; Half Full by Maria Scrivan 3d27; Looky here, Clyde - it's a Samaritan... they're usually pretty good!; Birdbrains by Thom Bluemel 3d28; What? YOU try finding a phone booth these days.; Brevity by Dan Thompson 3d29; Marshal, when you said you were going to clean up this town, we thought you meant...; The Flying McCoys by Glenn and Gary McCoy 3d30; You realize there's probably an app for all this?!; Bliss by Harry Bliss 3d31; No, Rusty, this one! You're barking up the wrong tree.; Break of Day by Nate Fakes