Halloween Scrambled Comics

Use capitalization, punctuation and word order skills to restore the original word order to the text missing from this comic.

When a word is in the right place the LETTERS turn BLACK.
Pick two words and they will switch places.

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1; No, no, we use bat wings and newt eyes for special spell potions… we use chickens for soup. 2; It runs on batteries. I'm trying to become more green. 3; Will you bury me? 4; I carve tiny faces on the seeds before I plant 'em. 5; Well, ordering this X-ray sure was a waste of time. 6; You're supposed to say "Trick-or-treat" not "Fill 'er up". 7; You wouldn't believe how many kids showed up while you guys were out! 8; Actually, it is a bad time — I'm rushing to get the kids out of the oven. 9; I don't care if he's a basketball! We're in love! 10; Zombies shouldn't throw their hands in the air like they just don't care. 11; Wait, are you who I came with? 12; Yeah, we're going to be late. Marya is taking forever to change. 13; Here's your problem… the safety's on. 14; I can't bring myself to cut them! 15; It's nearly Halloween, Lucy — get out of that depressing gothic outfit! 16; It's seen better nights, Esmeralda… maybe it's time to start riding your mop. 17; This is why vampires never get new hairdos. 18; It never looks as good as the picture in the recipe book. 19; Anything is good. I'm a universal recipient. 20; Look at her, the snob! First the Teflon cauldron and now THIS! 21; I have something similar in black. 22; It's always something. First it was lead paint. Then it was asbestos. Now they tell me this house has too much gluten. 23; I've come for your soul! There is nothing you can… Ooo, is that chocolate? 24; The good news is that we found a donor head for you… 25; She was driving while hexing. 28; You look like you could use a little piece of mind. 29; And what are you supposed to be? 30; Be right with you. Just tweeting that you're a "take one only" house.