Christmas Comics Word Order Sentence Scrambles Worksheet

Somebody scrambled the words in the comic below! Use capitalization, punctuation and word order skills to restore the original word order.
Write a sentence in this box:
that uses all these words:

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1; I told you cigars were bad for you! 6; Whose idea was it to invite Frosty over to our hot tub? 11; First artificial trees, now this! 12; That's quite a wish list. 13; Next time, try checking that list thrice. 14; Your mom told you to trim the tree a little more? 17; I think the kids like their present again this year. 18; Anything but milk and cookies. 19; Why do I think this was last minute? 21; Cool! Now turn that string off and switch the 'broken' one back on. 22; Why do you always get to be the car? 23; Bill got me a little space heater... and the pounds just melted off! 24; Oh, for heaven's sake! It's a book!! 26; Yeah, it's Roger - he forgot me again. 28; Let's check our inboxes and see what Santa brought.