Free Online Sentence Word Order Brain Game

Christmas Comic Scrambles

Use capitalization, punctuation and word order skills to restore the original word order to the words missing from this comic. Correctly placed words will turn green.

(Press the comic to change size.)

Pick two words and they will switch places.

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1; I told you cigars were bad for you! 6; Whose idea was it to invite Frosty over to our hot tub? 8; Do you always have to make such a big deal out of taking out the trash? 11; First artificial trees, now this! 12; That's quite a wish list. 13; Next time, try checking that list thrice. 14; Your mom told you to trim the tree a little more? 17; I think the kids like their present again this year. 18; Anything but milk and cookies. 19; Why do I think this was last minute? 20; I think I've found the problem. Your abdomen seems to be filled with jelly. 21; Cool! Now turn that string off and switch the 'broken' one back on. 22; Why do you always get to be the car? 23; Bill got me a little space heater... and the pounds just melted off! 24; Oh, for heaven's sake! It's a book!! 25; Ebenezer, relax - there are no 'spirits.' It was me, and I have to go outside. 26; Yeah, it's Roger - he forgot me again. 27; My wife bought this polished stone with the word 'joy' inscribed in it... I'd like to return it. 28; Let's check our inboxes and see what Santa brought. 29; By Thanksgiving, even I'm sick of Christmas music. 30; Christmas has officially started too early. 31; Should I include the results of our last physicals? 32; Looks like Grandma's really serious about saving the bows this year.