Adverb Aliens Game

Adverbs are describing words. They answer the question HOW? WHEN? or WHERE?

Pick the best adverb to put in the sentence.

She walks to get to school on time.

A cheetah runs _.,quickly,safely,later He will be home _.,soon,nicely,outside She reads _ to herself.,silently,next,quiet Are you going to school _?,today,nicely,when We are celebrating my birthday _.,tomorrow,far,sadly She sings _ to the baby.,softly,loud,now Speak _ so we can all hear.,loudly,quiet,quickly The dog barked very _.,loudly,safely,soon I _ finished my book.,finally,today,softly We crossed the street _.,safely,loudly,safe My sister prints very _.,neatly,good,sadly Monkeys can climb trees _.,easily,easy,quick _ the lights went out.,Suddenly,Quickly,Easily The baby smiled _.,sweetly,nice,carefully The cat purred _.,softly,soft,kitten She touches the new kitten _.,gently,small,badly The monkey swings _ from the tree.,playfully,loudly,very The stars shine _ in the sky.,brightly,blue,quiet The old man walked _ up the hill.,slowly,good,quick The new mother held her baby _.,lovingly,gentle,lovely The church choir sings _.,joyfully,yesterday,angrily It is raining _.,lightly,soon,light The bus driver drives _.,safely,quick,clearly _ we roll along.,Merrily,Fast,Badly She sings _.,beautifully,good,safely Whisper _ in my ear.,softly,correctly,slow We _ play in the park.,often,tomorrow,softly The bus comes to my house _.,early,badly,well The teacher speaks _.,clearly,clear,safe A turtle walks _.,slowly,slow,slower She _ places the egg on the table.,carefully,loudly,suddenly Blake hides _ so we won't find him.,quietly,loudly,clearly Will lunch be ready _?,soon,tomorrow,easy Ella ate _ so she wouldn't be late.,quickly,safely,quick She answered her mother _.,honestly,hourly,madly The dog barks _ when we come home.,loudly,honestly,well Go _ to school!,directly,madly,after You are _ right!,exactly,exacting,exact My father takes pills _.,daily,night,day The spaceship travels _ fast.,very,early,quick Open the bottle _.,carefully,clearly,loudly I _ eat candy for breakfast.,never,today,poorly Emma _ gets into trouble.,never,madly,gently He _ takes the dog for a walk.,usually,lightly,yesterday Justin _ goes to the beach.,often,nearly,tomorrow I can see the moon _.,clearly,clear,bright The sun sets _ in the winter.,early,brightly,shining The astronomy club meets _.,tomorrow,only,well Mr. Lee left the room _.,suddenly,tomorrow,always Sara works _ at her desk.,happily,suddenly,nearly The ball bounced _.,lightly,happily,smooth The door closed _.,loudly,sweetly,warmly My brother is _ funny.,really,quickly,safely Please walk _ in the hallway.,quietly,well,early Her father _ watches her soccer games.,always,today,poorly I _ walk under a ladder.,never,yesterday,over Jamal behaved _ and was punished.,badly,good,well The baby played _ with her doll.,happily,lightly,very We slept _ after the party.,late,early,always My sister held my hand _.,tightly,quickly,clearly Sophia speaks English _.,well,good,nice The baker _ picks up the cake.,carefully,outside,hot Daniel _ shows us his prize.,proudly,lightly,late My smart brother passed the test _.,easily,easy,never Let's play _.,outside,yesterday,from I went to a movie _.,yesterday,lately,always It was so cold that we played _.,inside,well,out There are bugs _!,everywhere,tomorrow,in She _ answered all the questions.,correctly,very,right He played each game _.,perfectly,easy,good It's very cold. Dress _.,warmly,cold,warm Let's share the pizza _.,equally,clearly,lightly Ayla speaks _.,quietly,quiet,nearly The ballerina dances _.,gracefully,warmly,nice The old dog snores _.,loudly,gladly,warmly

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