Frequently Confused Words Game
Homophone Skateboards

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Fill in as many sentences as you can.
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Pick the ______ word for the sentence.


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His board has a polar _ graphic on the deck./1/bare,bear Because he wasn't wearing knee pads, he scraped his _ legs badly./0/bare,bear She couldn't grip the board with her _ feet./0/bare,bear She can't _ the sight of blood./1/bare,bear There is no _ on a skateboard./0/brake,break _ as you round that curve, or you'll wipe out./0/Brake,Break You can _ by dragging one foot on the ground./0/brake,break Let's take a quick, ten-minute _./1/brake,break You deserve a _ today./1/brake,break We've been up since the _ of dawn./1/brake,break If you land with stiff knees, you can weaken and eventually _ your board./1/brake,break If you fall, you may hurt yourself and even _ a bone./1/brake,break I don't want to _ your concentration./1/brake,break _ kneepads are those?/1/Who's,Whose _ going to win the race?/0/Who's,Whose Do you know _ skatebard that is?/1/who's,whose Can you see _ leading at the first turn?/0/who's,whose _ up for a trip to the new skatepark?/0/Who's,Whose You should tighten that _ wheel./0/loose,lose It was a big race, but he felt _ and relaxed./0/loose,lose She looked through her _ change for a dime./0/loose,lose She wore her hair _ instead of tied back in a ponytail./0/loose,lose She tied her keys to her shoelaces so we wouldn't _ them./1/loose,lose He didn't want to _ sight of her in the crowd./1/loose,lose He knew he was going to _ the race./1/loose,lose Softer wheels are slower _ harder wheels./0/than,then Emma gets to the finish line sooner _ I do./0/than,then Your board is longer _ mine./0/than,then Other _ the color, our boards are exactly the same./0/than,then Go to the end of the street, and _ turn left./1/than,then I have to grab my helmet. _ we can go./1/Than,Then First Jared is ahead, _ James speeds up and passes him./1/than,then I had a regular skateboard, and _ I got a longboard./1/than,then It was hard to see who _ the race./1/one,won He has _ skateboard, which is a longboard./0/one,won She entered _ race and won it./0/one,won She entered one race and _ it./1/one,won Let's go to the race next _./1/weak,week I haven't been on my skateboard for more than a _./1/weak,week My leg is still _, and I can't put my full weight on it./0/weak,week He made a _ attempt to catch up to the leader./0/weak,week She tucked her _ under her helmet./0/hair,hare Pat took off like a _, while Terry started more like a tortoise./1/hair,hare Stomp down on the _ of the board to make the nose lift up./0/tail,tale Have you heard the _ of how the "ollie" got its name?/1/tail,tale The front of the board is called the _./1/knows,nose Stomp down on the tail of the board to make the _ lift up./1/knows,nose Who _ how the "ollie" got its name?/0/knows,nose He _ how to do a lot of tricks./0/knows,nose Do you _ how to do that trick?/0/know,no I _ the perfect place to take our boards./0/know,no There are _ good places for skateboarding around our house./1/know,no There is a "_ Skateboards" sign on the gate./1/Know,No A skateboard has _ brakes./1/know,no