Missing Words

Fill in the missing words.

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Answers to Missing Words

©Courseware Solutions - Have Fun With Words!


after; The dog ran _ the ball. again; Say your name _. an; He ate _ apple. any; Is there _ cake left? as; Run _ fast as you can! ask; You _ your friend to help. by; The cat lies _ the fire. could; We _ meet on Sunday. every; We play _ Sunday. fly; Birds _ in the sky. from; Apples fall _ the tree. give; They _ us a ride giving; I am _ you my book. has; He _ two dogs. her; Help Emily find _ cat. him; You see _ and his dog. his; I see him and _ brother. how; Tell me _ to spell your name. just; I _ got home. know; I _ how to swim. let; Just _ me do this first. live; That is where I _. of; He is a friend _ mine. old; How _ are you? once; We saw it more than _. open; Please _ the door. over; The cow jumps _ the moon. put; She _ on her hat. round; It is a _ cake. some; I gave her _ cake. stop; Does the bus _ here? take; Do you _ a bus to school? thank; We _ her mother for lunch. them; She helps _ find their dog. then; Go to the door and _ open it. think; I _ I know his brother. walk; Can you _ home from here? were; We _ all at home. when; Let me know _ to stop.