Missing Words

Fill in the words.

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Answers to Missing Words

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all; Did you eat it _? am; I _ mad. are; We _ at home. at; They are _ home. ate; He _ an apple. be; Will we _ there soon? black; The sky at night is _. brown; The nut is _. but; I have a dog _ not a cat. came; They _ to my home. did; What _ you see? do; How many cars _ you see? eat; Can we _ now? four; A cat has _ legs. get; When will he _ here? good; That cake looks _. have; We _ a cat. he; Is _ your dad? into; We go _ the room. like; We _ cats. must; I _ go or we will be late. no; There is _ cake left. now; Can we eat _? on; Put _ your hat. our; We love _ dog. out; Look _! please; Help me, _. pretty; What a _ dress. ran; We _ fast. ride; I _ my bike. saw; I _ my dog. say; What did you _? she; Is _ your mother? so; Don't run _ fast. soon; Will we be there _? that; Do you want this one or _ one? there; Who is _? they; Are _ at home? this; I like _ hat and that bag. too; It is _ hot to eat. under; What is _ the bed? want; I _ to eat now. was; I _ there last week. well; Get _ soon. went; They _ far away. what; That is _ I want to eat. white; Snow is _. who; Go see _ is at the door. will; When _ she get here? with; Who wants to go _ me? yes; You must say _ or no.