English Learning Game: Make Words from Syllables

Penguin Syllables Word Game

Choose syllables to build the words that are missing from the sentences below.
Pick the first syllable of one of the missing words.

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I live in *, near the South Pole, with all the other Emperor penguins. During the winter, we face cold winds and *. Happy Feet, my famous cousin, became a *. They took him to the vet * at the Wellington Zoo. Together the penguins form a *. People all over the world were very * about the lost penguin. I’m not the fastest swimmer in the world, but I can change * quickly. My * skills are excellent. * penguins are the largest penguins in the world. Our black and white colors help us hide from our *. This fat is like * that our bodies can burn to make heat. Our black * gather more heat from the sun to warm us up a bit. My mother kept me warm in her "brood pouch," a * skin flap just above her feet. Maybe Happy Feet, the lost penguin, was picked up by some *. Emperor penguins look like they’re dressed in fancy jackets, ready to go to a * party. Penguins work together to keep warm by * up in big groups. Our black and white * help us hide from our enemies. But when we’re in the *, we have to watch out for sharks and whales. He had to have an * to clear twigs and stones from his stomach. Where does Pingo the * live? People followed the penguin's * and came to the zoo to watch him be fed. Penguins have layers of * feathers that give them a waterproof coat. Big *, seals, and killer whales like to eat penguins. I like to eat fish, squid, crabs and other *. I have claws on my feet that help me grip the ice as I * along. Penguins have very * ways of keeping warm. The last time a penguin was * there was 44 years earlier. They had to remove twigs and stones from his *. Finding an Emperor penguin in New Zealand was a huge *. I am a great * and spend a lot of time in the water. Killer whales think we’re pretty *. We spend our whole lives in Antarctica where the * can drop down to -75°F. Sliding on our bellies is just like * and is lots of fun! Happy Feet wore a *, but it stopped sending signals 2 weeks after he was dropped off. People came to the zoo to watch Happy Feet be fed and * by the doctors. Penguins use their wings to help them swim faster *. Penguins have layers of scaly feathers that give them a * coat.