Possessive Batting Practice

Form and use possessives for singular and plural nouns and pronouns

Fill in the blank with the correct possessive.
The faster you answer, the farther you hit the ball.

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The keys belonged to 7. They were 77 keys. Lily,Lily's Mike,Mike's him,his you,your me,my This jacket belongs to 7. It is 77 jacket. Ella,Ella's Mark,Mark's him,his her,her you,your me,my This place belongs to her 7. It is her 77 place. father-in-law,father-in-law's family,family's sisters,sisters' sister,sister's We love the singing 7 does. We love 77 singing. she,her he,his Max,Max's Mary,Mary's The computers belong to 7. They are 77 computers. us,our them,their The books belong to the 7. They are the 77 books. students,students' teachers,teachers' The computer belongs to my 7. It is my 77 computer. brother,brother's parents,parents' sister-in-law,sister-in-law's The nest belonged to the 7. It was the 77 nest. eagles,eagles' hornets,hornets' geese,geese's The den belonged to 7. It was 77 den. sombody,somebody's us,our them,their The den belonged to the 7. It was the 77 den. bear,bear's lions,lions' foxes,foxes' bears,bears' It was the newspaper for last 7. It was last 77 newspaper. Sunday,Sunday's Monday,Monday's Friday,Friday's week,week's It cost him the pay for a 7. It cost him a 77 pay. day,day's week,week's month,month's This pet belongs to 7. This is 77 pet. somebody,somebody's me,my us,our him,his Dave,Dave's This responsibility belongs to 7. It is 77 responsibility. you,your us,our them,their him,his Ken,Ken's This responsibility belongs to the 7. It is the 77 responsibility. owners,owners' students,students' children,children’s team,team’s school,school's parents,parents' I like the taste of 7. I like 77 taste. it,its He knows the title of 7. He knows 77 title. it,its She liked the color of 7. She liked 77 color. it,its