Free Fun Prepositions Practice Grammar Game


Preposition Parrots

Pick the best preposition to put in the sentence.


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Tell us _ your summer vacation./about/for/above The story is _ her visit to India./about/at/of Are you thinking _ the test?/about/on/at There is another news story _ our school./about/for/in We learned a lot _ Africa today./about/by/to Write a story _ a pet./about/from/at This book is _ horses./about/of/with We are _ the same height./about/by/in I think it's _ 10 o'clock now./about/from/with If you're not for me, you're _ me./against/about/at Don't lean your bike _ that fence./against/to/at My mother was _ the idea of my going alone./against/by/from The big game will be our team _ the Blue Jays./against/in/of It's harder to run _ the wind./against/for/about I felt it brush _ my arm./against/in/with What do you have _ our new coach?/against/of/among Ethan ran _ Sara for class president./against/among/about That TV show is very popular _ my friends./among/toward/about Don't worry. You are _ friends here./among/during/under The berries are hard to see _ the leaves./among/from/after She is _ the best in her class./among/about/from You can't find your bike _ all the others./among/during/toward The road goes _ the lake./around/among/during Let's ride our bikes _ the neighborhood./around/with/for We all sat _ the campfire./around/with/among He wraps a scarf _ his neck./around/from/into Did you look _ the yard for your glove?/around/from/among The shirt has a red band _ the bottom./around/from/during We must finish the test _ the end of class./before/among/from He lets his sister go _ him./before/out/among I did my homework _ dinner./before/into/from What number comes _ nine?/before/among/over It's ten minutes _ three o'clock./before/around/on She stood _ the class and read the poem./before/into/from There is not enough space _ our desks./between/with/toward He has an hour to rest _ races./between/with/at The road runs _ the river and the hills./between/of/for Can you tell the difference _ the two?/between/for/from What number comes _ four and five?/between/among/into Let's keep this secret _ the two of us./between/among/into Can you see _ those trees?/beyond/for/during They didn't know what was _ the ocean./beyond/for/between What he's doing is _ my understanding./beyond/at/between Don't go _ that red marker./beyond/between/during The top shelf is _ my reach./beyond/among/from We can't go away _ the winter./during/to/between Don't talk _ the movie./during/into/from We stretched our legs _ the break./during/from/between What did you do _ your vacation?/during/to/among It's only hot _ July and August./during/from/into We stayed upstairs _ the party./during/around/to We must go outside _ the fire drill./during/from/with Where did you go _ lunch time?/during/among/against Go _ that door and then turn left./through/during/between We drove _ the city today./through/with/among He jumps off and flies _ the air./through/from/by We walk _ a tunnel to get out./through/among/during She puts the belt _ the loops on her coat./through/from/at They work _ lunch hour to finish./through/against/among Her back is _ me so she can't see me./toward/through/into Walk _ the front door and turn left./toward/between/over We see more cars as we go _ the city./toward/during/through When you look _ the city you can see smog./toward/between/before All the plants face _ the window./toward/around/by Don't leave _ me./without/among/around Can you get there _ your bike?/without/from/toward This door can't be opened _ a key./without/from/into Try to picture a world _ cars./without/from/toward I was caught _ an umbrella./without/between/into You can't play this game _ a partner./without/from/through I can't get this done _ your help./without/toward/between