Fun Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Practice

Pronoun Agreement Game



Pick the correct pronoun.
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During the show, the actor forgot _ lines./her,their/her Dogs are very loyal to _ owners./its,their/their A dog is very loyal to _ owner./its,their/its The soccer players liked _ coach./its,their/their Luc wore sunscreen to protect _ skin./his,their/his Jason is absent from school. Maybe _ is sick./he,his/he The sisters don't go to school because _ are sick./she,they/they The workers are eating _ lunches./his,their/their The dog is eating _ dinner./its,their/its Emily brought a book with _ to read./her,she/her The teacher said, "Class, please open _ books."/your,yours/your The teacher said, "Class, _ must work harder."/you,your/you We played ball and the coach made _ work hard./us,we/us Ella loves to sing and _ has a nice voice./her,she/she The girls love to swim and _ are always at the pool./she,they/they The boys love to swim and _ are always at the pool./them,they/they The concert is tomorrow and _ will be great./it,them/it My aunt bought my brother a phone and gave it to _./her,him/him My aunt bought a Dodgers hat and gave it to _ last week./I,me/me Paula likes to swim, so _ joined the swim team./she,her/she Mary danced well and the judge gave _ a prize./she,her/her The apples are red, but _ are not ripe yet./them,they/they A woman crossed the street after _ looked both ways./she,he/she The children crossed the street after _ looked both ways./they,them/they I have one computer. _ is a laptop./It,They/It I have two computers. _ are both laptops./It,They/They The players were ready after _ warmed up./he,they/they Eva is in a hurry. Please help _ get ready./her,it/her Jose speaks Spanish, and the teacher understands _./him,them/him When Noah won the prize, everyone congratulated _./it,him/him Holding ten plates, Taj said, "I hope I don't drop _!”/it,them/them Holding the tray, Taj said, "I hope I don't drop _!”/it,them/it Only one letter arrived in the mail and _ was a bill./it,they/it Two letters came in the mail and _ were bills./it,they/they The cars moved so slowly that the bikes passed _./it,them/them The car moved so slowly that the bikes passed _./it,them/it Sam's bicycle is blue, but _ is black./my,mine/mine Jake did well on the test. All of _ answers were right./his,our/his The tree lost all of _ leaves in the fall./its,their/its The trees lose all of _ leaves in the fall./its,their/their She did not bring a jacket, but I brought _./my,mine/mine The girl loves _ brothers./her,his/her The boy always listens to _ mother./her,his/his Meet Lily. _ is 12 years old./She,Her/She Today is Ty's birthday. Please wish _ Happy Birthday./him,them/him Kayla has many friends who love _./her,him/her The woman has an iPad, but _ doesn't have an iPhone./it,she/she My brother wore _ new shirt./its,his/his The dog wagged _ tail./its,their/its The dogs wagged _ tails./its,their/their My uncle asked me to cut _ grass./its,his/his Where is Jennifer? We can't find _./her,us/her Where are the books? We can't find _./it,them/them Where is the book? We can't find _./it,them/it You must do _ homework!/your,yours/your The girls painted _ toenails./them,their/their The woman painted _ toenails./her,their/her That box is heavy. Don't lift _./it,them/it The boxes are heavy. Don't lift _./it,them/them Elizabeth, the chef, cut _ finger./her,their/her Mary left _ book on the table./her,hers/her Careful drivers always check _ mirrors./his,their/their I lost a shoe. Please help _ find it./me,my/me Kim has two cats and loves _ very much./her,them/them Kim has a cat and loves _ very much./it,them/it When the players won we cheered for _./it,them/them When the player scored, we clapped for _./him,them/him When the player scored, we clapped for _./her,them/her When we won, everybody clapped for _./me,us/us When I sang, everybody clapped for _./me,us/me