Pronoun Motorcycle Race

Practice pronoun-antecedent agreement.


You go faster if answer is right!

Pick the correct pronoun above.

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Josh takes care of ____ own motorcycles./0/his/their Charlie loves to ride ____ bike./1/him/his They love to ride ____ bikes./1/they/their Kim and Randy love ____ bikes./1/his/their The leading racer crashes ____ bike./0/his/their The racers tilt ____ bikes to take the curve./1/his/their One of the riders loses control of ____ bike./0/his/their The leaders slow down to let the rest catch up with ____./1/him/them Mike and I got there late, but ____ still got good seats./1/I/we Shannon and Jay ride ____ bikes only on weekends./1/his/their Sara forgot ____ helmet and can't ride./0/her/his Marty loves racing, but the noise hurts ____ ears./0/his/their She pulls away from the others and leaves ____ far behind./1/him/them We all start ____ engines./1/my/our The riders all roar away on ____ bikes./1/his/their They all put on ____ helmets./1/his/their He puts on ____ helmet./0/his/their She puts on ____ own helmet./0/her/his Sara puts on ____ boots./0/her/ she They are all wearing ____ leather jackets./1/our/their He jumps to ____ feet./0/his/their They all jump to ____ feet./1/his/their We all jump to ____ feet./0/our/their The riders race ____ engines./1/his/their We hear the bikes long before we see ____./1/it/them We hear the motorcycle long before we see ____./0/it/them He wears a helmet to protect ____ head./0/his/our She wears a helmet to protect ____ head./1/his/her We wear helmets to protect ____ heads./1/his/our You must wear a helmet to protect ____ head./1/his/your You must wear a helmet to protect ____ head./1/its/your The racers check ____ bikes carefully before the race./1/his/their The racers check ____ bikes carefully before the race./1/its/their The riders try but ____ can't stop in time./1/he/they The riders try but ____ can't stop in time./1/it/they He tries but he can't start ____ bike./1/he/his I bought a motorcycle from Justin. Now the bike is ____./1/my/mine I go to the race with ____ friends./0/my/mine Marie joins her friends and goes to the race with ____./1/her/them He asks his parents if he can go to the race without ____./1/him/them Mary wants to go to the race with ____ friends./0/her/them We hope to go see ____ first superbike race soon./1/my/our I hope to enter ____ first race soon./0/my/our The starter told them they could start ____ engines./1/theirs/their He puts out ____ leg to take the corner./0/his/him Some of the racers stuck out ____ legs to take the corner./1/his/their The riders slide ____ bikes sideways into the bends./1/his/their The racers slide ____ bikes sideways into the bends./1/its/their One of the racers crashes ____ bike at the first turn./0/his/their She loves it when the wind blows ____ hair back./0/her/she She started the race but ____ bike broke down before the end./0/her/its The red and green bikes have yellow stickers on ____ fenders./1/its/their Each bike has a sticker on ____ fender./0/its/their That engine is still hot, so don't touch ____./0/it/them He tries to catch up to Jill and pass ____./0/her/him She catches up to the riders and then passes ____./1/it/them Most of the riders have names on ____ jackets./1/his/their