Reflexive Pronoun Car Game


She walks to get to school on time.

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We helped _ to some popcorn./ourselves I sometimes talk to _./myself Children, please behave _!/yourselves The little boy can walk by _./himself She leads the race all by _./herself They took lots of photos of _./themselves My baby sister can't dress _ yet./herself I see _ in the mirror./myself I sing to _ to calm down./myself She bought _ some new shoes./herself Penny taught _ how to play chess./herself The fox hurt _ chasing a rabbit./itself Barak, please help _ to some milk./yourself Students, pull _ together! The teacher is here./yourselves He pushes _ very hard when he races./himself They called _ the Rockin' Racers./themselves The candle went out by _./itself I thought to _, this is a good day./myself She cried _ to sleep./herself I used a video to teach _ Spanish./myself The bird cleaned _ in the bird bath./itself I made an apple pie all by _./myself The song repeats _ over and over./itself Mark, Mike, and Mia, please read quietly to _!/yourselves She told the guests to make _ at home. /themselves Can your twin brothers dress _?/themselves Let's treat _ to pizza./ourselves Lucas, let _ into the house./yourself I always give _ plenty of time to get to class./myself Ella enjoyed _ at the party./herself We often ask _ why we left New York./ourselves They injured _ during the rally./themselves I repaired the flat tire _./myself They took many photos of _./themselves He hurt _ when he fell on the ice./himself When we're older, we can look after _./ourselves One day there will be a car that drives _./itself He loves to talk about _./himself We gave _ a pay raise./ourselves Emma bought a present for _./herself She scratched _ on the arm./herself I wish the boys would behave _./themselves Ali and Naresh had to cook for _./themselves Ethan is teaching _ to play gutar./himself Sara, my 90 year old friend, lives by _./herself Dave is always talking about _./himself We made the birthday card _./ourselves The coyote is always scratching _./itself My sisters can walk to school by _./themselves Olivia built a big sandcastle by _./herself Cher and Sophia cleaned their rooms _./themselves Thank you. We enjoyed _./ourselves She told Dave to make _ at home./himself Katy, come in and make _ comfortable./yourself Cara, can you do your homework by _?/yourself The cat cleans _ with its tongue./itself My baby brother is too young to dress _./himself We went to the store to buy _ a treat./ourselves When Luis saw _ in the mirror, he laughed./himself The players made the shirts _./themselves He scratched _ while climbing a fence./himself