Free Online Fun Subject Verb Agreement English Grammar Game

Snowflake Subject Verb Agreement Game


Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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To win you ______ the correct verb.

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Jamal VERB Kwanzaa./0/celebrates,celebrate My sister VERB all my presents for me./0/wraps,wrap The students VERB presents for the children in need./1/wraps,wrap My aunt VERB great holiday cookies./0/bakes,bake The chefs VERB cakes shaped like trees./1/bakes,bake He VERB the halls with boughs of holly./0/decks,deck Please VERB the halls with boughs of holly./1/decks,deck He VERB holiday shows on TV. /0/watches,watch The children VERB for Santa./1/watches,watch Aviva VERB the candles for Hanukkah./0/lights,light Families VERB candles in the kinara for Kwanzaa./1/lights,light Sophie VERB a lot of her favorite Christmas cake./0/eats,eat We VERB lots of sweets during the holidays./1/eats,eat Her uncle VERB all the children gifts of money./0/gives,give I always VERB a good gift to my best friend./1/gives,give The snow VERB heavily on Christmas Eve./0/falls,fall Beautiful snowflakes VERB for two days straight./1/falls,fall Martha VERB a great Christmas pudding./0/makes,make The children VERB paper snowflakes in class./1/makes,make The girls VERB holiday songs./1/sings,sing Ari VERB a song in the holiday concert./0/sings,sing On Christmas Eve, Santa VERB around the world./0/flies,fly Our family VERB a long way to visit relatives./0/travels,travel Many people VERB during the holidays./1/travels,travel Grandpa VERB too much money on Christmas gifts./0/spends,spend Eric and Katya VERB their holiday at Disneyland./1/spends,spend Paul VERB his grandmother every holiday./0/visits,visit We always VERB relatives during the holidays./1/visits,visit Eva VERB the tree with home-made ornaments./0/trims,trim Gena and her brother VERB the trees with tinsel./1/trims,trim Jennifer VERB the piano for the holiday concert./0/plays,play The children VERB with dreidels during Hanukkah./1/plays,play Christmas in South Africa VERB a summer holiday./0/is,are Children VERB happy to get a holiday from school. /1/is,are Juanita VERB a stick to try to break the pinata./0/uses,use Please VERB a ladder to reach the top of the tree. /1/uses,use When Ethan VERB the pinata, candies fall out./0/breaks,break Children VERB the pinata by banging it with a stick. /1/breaks,break His mother VERB a good story every Christmas Eve./0/tells,tell The teachers VERB a holiday story in sign language./1/tells,tell A tall holiday tree VERB in the village square./0/stands,stand Some people VERB during the holiday ceremony./1/stands,stand The baby VERB through the entire party./0/sleeps,sleep The children VERB while the parents fill the stockings./1/sleeps,sleep Santa VERB "Ho, Ho, Ho."/0/says,say Bo and Ty VERB little when they visit their relatives./1/says,say Hugo VERB with Kira at the holiday party./0/dances,dance The students VERB to special holiday songs./1/dances,dance The family always VERB the movie "A Christmas Carol"./0/watches,watch My sisters VERB the dog open his Christmas treat./1/watches,watch The class VERB about different holiday celebrations./0/learns,learn The actors VERB the lines to the holiday play./1/learns,learn The family VERB to Dubai for the winter. /0/moves,move Emily VERB hot apple cider to warm up./0/drinks,drink Ed and Em VERB hot cocoa after skating./1/drinks,drink Every year Jie VERB "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"./0/reads,read Every year Li and Lora VERB "The Polar Express"./1/reads,read Rudolph's nose VERB in the dark./0/glows,glow The lights around the windows VERB at night./1/glows,glow The star on top of the tree VERB./0/sparkles,sparkle The icicles VERB in the sunshine./1/sparkles,sparkle With his white beard, that man VERB like Santa Claus./0/looks,look The children VERB at the store's holiday windows./1/looks,look Sara VERB cards to everyone in her family. /0/writes,write We always VERB thank you notes for our gifts./1/writes,write Mrs. Nello VERB up a very long hill to get to church./0/walks,walk The villagers VERB to church each day./1/walks,walk She VERB at all her brother's silly holiday jokes./0/laughs,laugh The visitors VERB at the silly decorations in the house./1/laughs,laugh He VERB his holiday toys with others less fortunate./0/shares,share The families VERB all they have for a holiday feast./1/shares,share