Fun Subject Verb Agreement Practice Game

Subject Verb Agreement Game - Basketball Pro

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Pick the correct verb.
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You ______ two points if you pick the correct verb.


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Derrick and Tony _ going to be our starting guards./1/is,are/1 The mascot and the captain _ the team out./1/leads,lead/1 Blake and Weston _ 27 points in the final game./1/scores,score/1 My sister and brother _ a lot of basketball during the playoffs./1/watches,watch/1 Emma and Sophie _ the ball up the court./1/moves,move/1 Her mother and father _ to every game./1/comes,come/1 His warmup pants _ on the bench./1/is,are/6 Her sports goggles _ her glasses./1/protects,protect/6 Her new glasses _ a real difference in her shooting./1/makes,make/6 Our new uniform shorts _ much longer than the old ones./1/is,are/6 Her regular clothes _ in her locker./1/is,are/6 The crowd _ on to the court./0/rushes,rush/3 The team _ it to the playoffs./0/makes,make/3 Our team _ two juniors and three seniors./0/has,have/3 The group _ the plane./0/boards,board/3 A large group _ into the lobby./0/walks,walk/3 A group of cheerleaders _ on the sidelines./0/waits,wait/3 The team _ experience./0/lacks,lack/3 The audience _ them a standing ovation./0/gives,give/3 The crowd _ with approval./0/roars,roar/3 The team _ every game after the All-Star break./0/wins,win/3 Our team _ by 12 points./0/wins,win/3 Her family _ to every game to root for her./0/comes,come/3 The school band _ at every game./0/plays,play/3 Onto the court _ the mascot./0/runs,run/2 Onto the court _ the cheerleaders./1/runs,run/2 There _ five teams in the conference./1/is,are/2 There _ one team in the conference that is clearly better./0/is,are/2 There _ five players on the floor./1/is,are/2 There _ an empty seat next to us./0/is,are/2 Where _ the stairs that go up to our seats?/1/is,are/2 Where _ the parking lot that is near the field house?/0/is,are/2 Very few _ willing to spend that much for a ticket./1/is,are/4 Few really _ that we can win the championship this year./1/believes,believe/4 Few _ up for the extra practice./1/shows,show/4 Both _ the ball well./1/shoots,shoot/4 Both players _ when the referee throws the ball in the air./1/jumps,jump/4 Both _ basketball and go to every game./1/likes,like/4 Many _ that the referee made a really bad call./1/believes,believe/4 Many _ before the game is over./1/leaves,leave/4 Ten seconds _ on the shot clock./0/remains,remain/5 Two hours _ a long time to wait for the team bus./0/is,are/5 Five minutes _ the length of an overtime period./0/is,are/5 Five days _ not long enough for her injury to heal./0/is,are/5 8 inches _ a big height advantage./0/is,are/5 Fifty feet _ the width of the court./0/is,are/5 A hundred dollars _ a lot to pay for a ticket./0/is,are/5 The news _ not good./0/is,are/7 Mathematics _ my favorite subject./0/is,are/7 Darts _ often played in a pub./0/is,are/7
Two subjects joined by "and" are usually plural and require a plural verb. Don't be fooled when the subject comes after the verb - they must still agree. Collective nouns like "family" or "committee" are singular when they are being thought of as a single unit. Pronouns like "few", "both" and "many" refer to more than one thing and require a plural verb. Expressions of time, money and distance usually take a singular verb. Some nouns, like "clothes", "glasses" and "pants" are always plural and require a plural verb. Some nouns, like "news", "mathematics" and "headquarters" may sound plural because they end in "s", but they are singular.