Free Online Fun Singular and Plural Verb Agreement Game

Whale Verbs Game

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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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One girl _ with a toy./0/plays,play Four children _ ball./1/plays,play He _ at the book./0/looks,look We _ at the sky./1/looks,look The bunny _./0/hops,hop The frogs _./1/hops,hop He _ a book./0/reads,read They _ books./1/reads,read The dog _ away./0/runs,run They _ around the yard./1/runs,run An apple _ on a tree./0/grows,grow Apples _ on trees./1/grows,grow He _ an apple./0/eats,eat We _ bread./1/eats,eat Ava _ in a bed./0/sleeps,sleep They _ in twin beds./1/sleeps,sleep The bell _./0/rings,ring Nine bells _./1/rings,ring Emma _ a song./0/sings,sing Two boys _./1/sings,sing He _ me the ball./0/gives,give They _ us a ride./1/gives,give The bus _ here./0/stops,stop Two cars _ at the light./1/stops,stop She _ with her toys./0/plays,play Six boys _ ball./1/plays,play He _ home today./0/comes,come Ben and Mia _ home late./1/comes,come He _ a picture./0/draws,draw Four boys _ pictures./1/draws,draw She _ a flower./0/picks,pick They _ apples./1/picks,pick My brother _ in a car./0/rides,ride They _ their bikes./1/rides,ride He _ the story./0/knows,know The children _ the story./1/knows,know She _ on a chair./0/sits,sit The boys _ in the car./1/sits,sit Ella _ her lunch./0/eats,eat The children _ their lunch./1/eats,eat An apple _ off the tree./0/falls,fall Apples _ from the tree./1/falls,fall Lucas _ his lunch./0/brings,bring Two girls _ food./1/brings,bring Sophie _ to school./0/walks,walk The girls _ home./1/walks,walk A man _ the street./0/cleans,clean Two boys _ the floor./1/cleans,clean My mother _ me./0/hugs,hug We _ our best friends./1/hugs,hug Ava _ the door open./0/pulls,pull Aiden and Jack _ the rope./1/pulls,pull He _ the ball./0/drops,drop They _ the apples./1/drops,drop Ethan _ me read./0/helps,help Teachers _ us read./1/helps,help Mike _ to eat./0/likes,like The children _ to play./1/likes,like James _ his brother./0/loves,love The girls _ to swim./1/loves,love My brother _ late./0/sleeps,sleep The sisters _ in bunk beds./1/sleeps,sleep She _ of the answer./0/thinks,think They _ they are right./1/thinks,think Luke _ on a hat./0/puts,put The boys _ the toys away./1/puts,put