Dolphin Verbs Game

Get 6 right to win!
Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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His brother _ a teacher./0/is,are The children _ here today./1/is,are One girl _ with a toy./0/plays,play Four children _ in the sand./1/plays,play He _ out the window./0/looks,look We _ at the pictures./1/looks,look He _ a book about dogs./0/reads,read They _ books./1/reads,read She _ goldfish./0/has,have I _ a cat and a dog./1/has,have Eli _ a bright yellow bicycle./0/has,have We _ a hamster named Boo./1/has,have He _ his desk./0/moves,move We _ the boxes./1/moves,move He _ his mother's car./0/sees,see The children _ birds in the trees./1/sees,see A plane _ over the school./0/flies,fly Birds _ in the sky./1/flies,fly Mason _ lunch at school./0/eats,eat We _ pizza every Friday./1/eats,eat Aria _ until 8 every day./0/sleeps,sleep The cat and dog _ on my bed./1/sleeps,sleep The squirrel _ up the tree./0/runs,run The dogs _ around the park./1/runs,run She _ a loud noise./0/hears,hear We _ the school bus leave./1/hears,hear Justin _ in Toronto./0/lives,live Bats _ in caves./1/lives,live Caleb _ the ball to first base./0/hits,hit The players _ every pitch./1/hits,hit A leaf _ from the tree./0/falls,fall Raindrops _ from the sky./1/falls,fall Dylan _ ball with Nora./0/plays,play Ava and Lily _ the piano together./1/plays,play David _ his name on his homework./0/prints,print The students _ names on the signs./1/prints,print