Space Verbs 2 Game

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To win you ______ the correct verb.
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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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One girl _ with a toy rocket./0/plays,play He _ at the stars./0/looks,look We _ at the planets./1/looks,look The sun _./0/shines,shine The stars _./1/shines,shine Today he _ a book about Mars./0/reads,read They _ books about space travel./1/reads,read Mars _ two moons./0/has,have Some planets _ many moons./1/has,have The earth _ around the sun./0/moves,move Planets _ around the sun./1/moves,move The sun _ very hot./0/is,are Some stars _ made of gas./1/is,are The rocket _ off./0/blasts,blast Two spaceships _ off./1/blasts,blast A star _ across the sky./0/shoots,shoot Stars _ across the sky./1/shoots,shoot The largest planet _ Jupiter./0/is,are How many planets _ there?/1/is,are Jupiter _ many moons./0/has,have Venus and Mercury _ no moons./1/has,have He _ lots of stars in the sky./0/sees,see The children _ many stars./1/sees,see A plane _ high in the sky./0/flies,fly The stars _ bright tonight./1/was,were The rocket _ off./0/blasts,blast Ten rockets _ into space./1/blasts,blast She _ the loud noise./0/hears,hear We _ the rocket as it blasts off./1/hears,hear The full moon _ up the sky./0/lights,light Bright stars _ up the sky./1/lights,light The Rover _ on Mars./0/lands,land The rockets _ in the ocean./1/lands,land Venus _ the hottest planet./0/is,are Callisto and Io _ moons of Jupiter./1/is,are Mars _ thin air./0/has,have Galaxies _ millions of stars./1/has,have The falling rock _ the ground./0/hits,hit Many rocks _ the ground./1/hits,hit A star _ from the sky./0/falls,fall