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Subject Verb Agreement - Irregular Verbs

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To win you ______ the correct verb.

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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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His brother _ an astronomer./0/is,are The engineer and the astronomer _ meeting today./1/is,are The conference speaker _ an astronaut./0/is,are The astronauts _ living at the Space Station./1/is,are Jeff Williams, an astronomer, _ American./0/is,are Julie Payette and Robert Thirsk _ Canadian./1/is,are The flight director _ in charge of the mission./0/is,are Marsha Ivins and Koichi Wakata _ astronauts./1/is,are The discovery of water on Mars _ exciting./0/is,are Mars and Venus _ the closest planets to Earth./1/is,are Callisto _ one of Jupiter's moon./0/is,are Callisto and Ganymede _ two of Jupiter's moons./1/is,are A flag _ painted on the rocket./0/is,are Many flags _ painted on the rocket./1/is,are Mars _ a very thin atmosphere./0/has,have Jupiter and Saturn _ dense atmospheres./1/has,have Each student _ a computer./0/has,have All students _ computers and telescopes./1/has,have Tim _ going to the star party./0/is,are Rob's friends _ going to the star party./1/is,are My uncle _ always loved astronomy./0/has,have Most people _ never looked through a telescope./1/has,have Someone from the group _ missing./0/is,are The astronomy books _ missing from the library./1/is,are Earth _ denser than Saturn./0/is,are All the other planets _ denser than Saturn./1/is,are The book on astronomy _ very informative./0/is,are There _ many astronomy books in the library./1/is,are Raj _ able to work the telescope./0/is,are The students _ not ready for the test./1/is,are Your order for a solar filter _ ready for pickup./0/is,are Your solar filters _ ready for pickup./1/is,are The space station _ visible tonight./0/is,are The space station and the shuttle _ visible tonight./1/is,are Jupiter _ the largest planet in the solar system./0/is,are All the other planets _ smaller than Jupiter./1/is,are Earth _ only one moon revolving around it./0/has,have Jupiter and Saturn _ more than one moon./1/has,have The Solar System _ planets, moons, and stars./0/has,have Jupiter and Saturn _ many moons./1/has,have Saturn _ several hundred rings./0/has,have Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune _ rings./1/has,have Our solar system _ billions of stars./0/has,have Many stars _ systems of planets and moons./1/has,have The sun _ sunspots that come and go./0/has,have We _ tides because of the moon's gravity./1/has,have Mars _ higher mountains than any other planet./0/has,have Most planets _ an atmosphere./1/has,have An asteroid _ a large rock in outer space./0/is,are Comets _ made of dust and ice./1/is,are Air _ thinner as you get further from Earth./0/is,are There _ eight planets in our solar system./1/is,are Our solar system _ one star - the sun./0/has,have Comets _ a wide range of orbital periods./1/has,have Saturn's moon, Rhea, _ oxygen in its atmosphere./0/has,have Comets _ an elliptical orbit./1/has,have Pluto _ a dwarf planet./0/is,are Which planets _ visible tonight?/1/is,are Saturn _ made up of gases./0/is,are Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury _ made of rock./1/is,are Most of the universe _ empty space./0/is,are Meteors _ bits of dust or rocks from space./1/is,are Gravity _ a force pulling matter together./0/is,are Comets _ like dirty snowballs of ice and dust./1/is,are When _ the best time to watch a meteor shower?/0/is,are Asteroids _ often called minor planets./1/is,are Of the planets, Mars _ a climate most like Earth./0/has,have Some large asteroids _ moons./1/has,have Dave _ a new star atlas./0/has,have The astronomy club members _ a meeting tonight./1/has,have Dr. Li _ a degree in astronomy./0/has,have The astronomers _ a star party on Monday night./1/has,have Ely _ a member of the astronomy club./0/is,are Jupiter _ sixteen major moons./0/has,have Mercury and Venus _ no moons./1/has,have An astronomer _ the stars./0/studies,study Astronomers _ the stars./1/studies,study He _ the moons around Jupiter./0/watches,watch They _ through the telescope./1/watches,watch He _ to the larger telescope for a better view./0/switches,switch They _ places so that both have a chance to see the planet./1/switches,switch The fireball _ across the sky./0/flies,fly Many meteors _ through the sky./1/flies,fly She _ the heavy telescope to its stand./0/carries,carry They _ binoculars with them to view the night sky./1/carries,carry She _ to adjust the telescope to see more clearly./0/tries,try They _ to see the moons of Jupiter through the telescope./1/tries,try The moon _ in front of the planet./0/passes,pass They _ around the binoculars so that everybody can look./1/passes,pass