Subject Verb Agreement

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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
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Jupiter _ the largest planet. There _ eight planets in our solar system. Light pollution _ a waste of energy. Many animals _ nocturnal and need dark skies. Too much outdoor light at night _ light pollution. City lights _ a glow that blocks stars from view. A planet _ its position constantly. The stars _ slowly over billions of years. The moon _ around the Earth. The planets _ around the sun. Jupiter _ around every ten hours. The planets _ around on their axes. It _ a year for the Earth to complete an orbit. Stars _ billions of years to burn out. The sun _ light to the planets. The stars _ light to the planets. Mars _ greatly from Jupiter in size. The planets _ from one another in size. A telescope _ us see the planets. Telescopes _ us see the stars. An astronomer _ the stars. Astronomers _ the stars. Everyone _ that stars are made of gases. Scientists _ that the Earth is round. A rocket _ into space. Rockets _ into space. Jupiter _ sixteen major moons. Mercury and Venus _ no moons. Mars _ a very thin atmosphere. Jupiter and Saturn _ dense atmospheres. Saturn _ like a big ball with rings. The planets _ like stars in the night sky. The largest moon crater _ a huge area. Craters _ much of the moon. The Alpha star _ the brightest. The stars _ brightly in the night sky. The Earth _ warmth from the sun. Comets _ warmer as they get close to the sun. A meteor _ up as it drops towards Earth. As meteors _ they create a streak of light. A comet _ across the sky. Comets _ across the sky. A total eclipse of the sun _ rarely. Lunar eclipses _ often. The moon _ around the Earth. Planets _ around the sun. She _ a shooting star. They _ a comet. He _ to the group to look up. The children _ when they see the meteor. He _ all the constellations. Astronomers _ a lot about the stars.