Free Online Fun Subject Verb Agreement Game

SUPER Subject Verb Agreement Game

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Pick the correct verb to agree with the subject. If the subject is singular, pick the singular verb. If the subject is plural, use the plural form of the verb.
Press to start the clock.

To win you _________ the correct verb.

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A group of astronomers _ meeting today./0/is,are The engineer and the astronomer _ meeting today./1/is,are One of the conference speakers _ an astronaut./0/is,are A few astronauts _ living at the Space Station./1/is,are Either Julie Payette or Jeff Williams _ American./0/is,are Julie Payette and Robert Thirsk _ Canadian./1/is,are Through the clouds, _ a glider./0/soars,soar Through the sky, _ the fighter jets./1/soars,soar The report on the planets _ on the desk. /0/sits,sit All the reports on the mission _ on the desk./1/sits,sit Either the astronauts or the flight director _ at fault./0/is,are Either the flight director or the astronauts _ at fault./1/is,are One of the planets _ a year to complete an orbit./0/takes,take Most of the stars _ billions of years to burn out./1/takes,take The sun is one of the stars that _ light to the planets./0/gives,give The stars, including the sun, _ light to the planets./1/gives,give Someone from the astronomy club _ the telescope./0/uses,use The astronomy club members _ the telescope on weekends./1/uses,use Today the class _ the stars./0/studies,study All students in that class _ the stars./1/studies,study The news about the astronauts _ good./0/is,are Mars and Venus _ the closest planets to Earth./1/is,are Either Callisto or Callista _ Jupiter's moon./0/is,are Callisto and Ganymede _ Jupiter's moons./1/is,are A flag from every country _ painted on the rocket./0/was,were Flags from every country _ painted on the rocket./1/was,were Either Mars or Saturn _ a very thin atmosphere./0/has,have Both Jupiter and Saturn _ dense atmospheres./1/has,have A cluster of stars _ an interesting shape./0/forms,form Stars, grouped together, _ an interesting shape./1/forms,form One of the largest moon craters _ a huge area./0/covers,cover Groups of craters _ the moon's surface./1/covers,cover The Alpha star is one of the stars that _ the brightest./0/shines,shine The stars and planets _ brightly in the night sky./1/shines,shine Each of the students _ a computer./0/has,have All the students _ computers and telescopes./1/has,have Neither Venus nor Mercury _ life as we know it./0/supports,support Which planets might _ some form of life?/1/supports,support One of the comets _ across the sky./0/shoots,shoot A star and a comet _ across the sky./1/shoots,shoot A family with five kids _ to Florida to see the launch./0/travels,travel The members of Jared's family _ to Cape Canaveral. /1/travels,travel Io, one of the solar system's largest moons, _ Jupiter./0/orbits,orbit More than 16 moons _ Jupiter./1/orbits,orbit Everyone with binoculars _ craters on the moon./0/sees,see Emily and Larissa _ a comet./1/sees,see Everyone in the group _ when they see the meteor./0/shouts,shout Several in the group _ when they see the meteor./1/shouts,shout The public _ star parties at the local planetarium./0/attends,attend Members of the public _ special events at the museum./1/attends,attend Neither Cici nor Tim _ going to the star party./0/is,are Neither Rob nor his friends _ going to the star party./1/is,are Every one of the planets _ the sun./0/orbits,orbit All the planets in the solar system _ the sun./1/orbits,orbit Fifty percent of the class _ looked through binoculars./0/has,have Ten percent of the students _ looked through a telescope./1/has,have None of the group _ missing./0/is,are None of the students _ missing./1/is,are The light from the sun _ 8 minutes to reach Earth./0/takes,take Light rays from the sun _ 8 minutes to reach Earth./1/takes,take Every one of the other planets _ denser than Saturn./0/is,are All the planets _ denser than Saturn./1/is,are The book on galaxies and star clusters _ ready for pickup./0/is,are The books on our solar system _ ready for pickup./1/is,are Neither Juan nor Inge _ able to work the telescope./0/is,are Neither the students nor the teachers _ ready for the test./1/is,are Either Dave or Ella _ the star gazing at the observatory./0/supervises,supervise Either the members or the volunteers _ the observatory./1/supervises,supervise Your order for 3 solar filters _ ready for pickup./0/is,are The 3 solar filters in your order _ ready for pickup./1/is,are Through the star clusters and galaxies, _ the spaceship./0/speeds,speed Through the space junk and debris, _ the spaceships./1/speeds,speed Either the space station or the shuttle _ visible tonight./0/is,are Both the space station and the shuttle _ visible tonight./1/is,are