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Easter in Spain

Easter /is,are/0// a very important celebration in Spain. The entire week before Easter Sunday /is,are/0// often a holiday.

On Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, children /brings,bring/1// palm leaves and branches to church. Sometimes the branches /is,are/1// decorated with candies or flowers.

In some villages on Holy Thursday, there /is,are/0// a special "Dance of Death". At night, men dressed as skeletons /performs,perform/1// a scary dance.

Many towns in Spain /celebrates,celebrate/1// Easter with processions (parades) through the streets at night. Floats called "tronos" /is,are/1// carried through the streets. Each float /tells,tell/0// part of the Easter story.

Forty or fifty people /carries,carry/1// each trono on their shoulders. The procession sometimes /goes,go/0// on for more than four hours!

The biggest processions /is,are/1// held in Seville. Each procession /is,are/0// put on by a different group. There /is,are/0// a lot of competition among the groups to have the best procession.

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