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Eddie the Sea Otter Plays Basketball

The Oregon Zoo /has,have/0// a basketball star named Eddie, and he's a 16 year old sea otter!

Sixteen /is,are/0// old for a sea otter. Like many older animals and people, Eddie /has,have/0// sore joints. He /needs,need/0// exercise to keep things from getting worse.

Eddie's legs /gets,get/1// exercise from swimming. But to exercise his sore elbows, Jenny DeGroot, the sea otter keeper, trained Eddie to throw a ball through a basketball hoop. Now, she /says,say/0//, Eddie is so good, he rarely misses a shot.

It's not a surprise that Eddie /is,are/0// good at shooting hoops. Sea otters in the wild /is,are/1// very good at using their front limbs. They /grabs,grab/1// rocks and /uses,use/1// them to crack open clams and other shells.

Eddie really /enjoys,enjoy/0// the exercise and /loves,love/0// the fishy treat he /gets,get/0// whenever he scores a basket. "He's definitely got game," /says,say/0// DeGroot.

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