Verb Tense Toads

Pick the best verb to put in the sentence.
He to school today.

Tomorrow he _./will walk/walked/walks/will walk Tomorrow we _./will play/played/play/will play Tomorrow I _ the teacher./will meet/met/meet/will meet Yesterday we _ pizza./ate/ate/eat/will eat You _ nice today!/look/looked/look/will look Next week I _ you./will visit/visited/visit/will visit Yesterday Mr. Lee _ here./was/was/is/will be Last week he _ a mile./ran/ran/runs/will run Next year I _ in 3rd Grade./will be/was/am/will be Last year we _ in Florida./lived/lived/live/will live Last night she _ her hair./washed/washed/washes/will wash A blue whale _ big./is/was/is/will be A rabbit _ big ears./has/had/has/will have Koalas _ in Australia./live/lived/live/will live Polar bears _ the cold./like/liked/like/will like My cat _ a long tail./has/had/has/will have He _ to work every day./goes/went/goes/will go Cats _ milk./like/liked/like/will like He _ a penny yesterday./found/found/find/will find Tomorrow he _ milk./will buy/bought/buys/will buy I _ it now!/want/wanted/want/will want Tomorrow they _ home./will go/went/go/will go Last night she _./sang/sang/sings/will sing Last night he _./cried/cried/cries/will cry They _ last year./moved/moved/move/will move Yesterday I _ Paulo./saw/saw/see/will see They _ at stars last night./looked/looked/look/will look Tomorrow he _ here./will sit/sat/sits/will sit I _ ice cream tomorrow ./will have/had/have/will have We _ lunch soon./will eat/ate/eat/will eat I _ dinner tomorrow./will cook/cooked/cook/will cook I _ a movie yesterday./saw/saw/see/will see Paris _ a big city./is/was/is/will be Yesterday I _./walked/walked/walk/will walk They _ fish tomorrow./will eat/ate/eat/will eat Tomorrow I _./will learn/learned/learn/will learn We _ to New York last month./went/went/go/will go I _ you tomorrow./will call/called/call/will call Yesterday we _./won/won/win/will win Now he _ soccer every day./plays/played/plays/will play I _ you tomorrow./will see/saw/see/will see Yesterday they _ pictures./drew/drew/draw/will draw Yesterday I _./fell/fell/fall/will fall Now they _ in Washington./live/lived/live/will live I _ you the book next week./will give/gave/give/will give

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