Verb Tense Turtle Game

Pick the best verb to put in the sentence.

He to school today.

Tomorrow Ella _ to school./will walk/walked/walks/will walk When I look out the window, I _ a garden./see/saw/see/will see Yesterday we _ ball./played/played/play/will play Don't bug me while I _ my homework./do/did/do/will do Last week the teacher _ away./was/was/is/will be Next year Moira _ in 3rd grade./will be/was/is/will be Look up now! I _ a plane in the sky./see/saw/see/will see The President _ in the White House/lives/lived/lives/will live A dog _ four legs./has/had/has/will have Jose _ Spanish very well./speaks/spoke/speaks/will speak I always _ my teeth./brush/brushed/brush/will brush Lucy always _ to bed at 9 p.m./goes/went/goes/will go My cat _ a long tail./has/had/has/will have They _ to their cabin every weekend./go/went/go/will go He _ help right now./needs/needed/needs/will need Cats _ milk./like/liked/like/will like Tia _ home right now./is/was/is/will be She always _ her phone./forgets/forgot/forgets/will forget It _ 12 months for the earth to circle the sun./takes/took/takes/will take He always _ cereal for breakfast./eats/ate/eats/will eat Last weekend the weather _ beautiful./was/was/is/will be Last night Blake _ to a party./went/went/go/will go Yesterday I _ Olivia at the park./met/met/meet/will meet We _ our lunch an hour ago./finished/finished/finish/will finish John _ his homework last night./did/did/does/will do Last year they _ tomatoes in the garden./grew/grew/grow/will grow Last Sunday I _ my grandfather./visited/visited/visit/will visit When I was in Vermont I _ skiing./went/went/go/will go Call back later. Luis _ home in an hour./will be/was/is/will be I _ you when I get home./will call/called/call/will call Next week I _ on vacation./will be/was/am/will be We _ lunch soon./will eat/ate/eat/will eat I _ the bike as soon as I can./will fix/fixed/fix/will fix Neil Armstrong _ on the moon in 1969./walked/walked/walk/will walk Columbus _ to America in 1492./sailed/sailed/sail/will sail In 2115 Emma _ 100 years old./will be/was/is/will be We _ Caleb's birthday last week./celebrated/celebrated/celebrate/will celebrate I _ dinner tomorrow./will cook/cooked/cook/will cook Next season he _ in the major leagues./will play/played/plays/will play Oliver _ his family next weekend./will see/saw/sees/will see When Bella was young she _ 3 pet cats./had/had/has/will have They _ in the race next week./will run/ran/run/will run I _ a good movie yesterday./saw/saw/see/will see I _ you the book next week./will give/gave/give/will give We _ the game if we keep playing like this./will win/won/win/will win It _ tomorrow./will snow/snowed/snows/will snow New York _ a big city./is/was/is/will be

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