Fill in the Vocabulary Word Game

TIME: 60 ** SCORE: 0

You will see 4 words and a sentence with a missing word.
Click the missing word. Do as many as you can in 60 seconds.
Click to begin.
answer: Do you know the right XXX?: I know the XXX to your question.: Can you XXX my question? arrive: When do we XXX in Boston?: Our visitors will XXX tonight.: I hope your guests XXX soon. beach: When we go to the XXX we swim and look for shells.: At the XXX we play in the sand and swim. elephant: An XXX has a trunk.: An XXX is the largest land animal. giraffe: A XXX has a very long neck.: A XXX is the tallest land animal. backward: The opposite of forward is XXX.: He was afraid and took a step XXX.: If you spell POT XXX, you get TOP. judge: A XXX grades you at the singing contest.: The XXX names the contest winner. guess: Can you XXX the missing word?: If you don't know how many there are, you can XXX. mistake: If you do something wrong, you make a XXX.: Oops, I made a XXX. steep: The road up the hill was very XXX.: It was hard to get to the top of the XXX hill. candle: Light a XXX to see in the dark.: There was a XXX on her birthday cake. bother: Do not XXX the sleeping bear.: If you XXX the bear it may bite you. giant: To a little rabbit, you look like a XXX.: The XXX was a very tall, big man. hour: An XXX has 60 minutes.: We can play for an XXX after school. insect: An XXX has six legs.: A fly is an XXX and so is an ant. parade: The school band marches in a XXX.: You wear a new hat to walk in the Easter XXX. perfect: It's XXX! Everything is right.: You study hard and get a XXX test score.: There was nothing wrong with it. It was XXX. heavy: Big books are XXX to carry.: The big TV was too XXX to carry.: You must be strong to pick up something that is XXX. forward: The opposite of backward is XXX.: The wind blew us back, but we kept going XXX. mountain: A XXX is a very big hill.: The XXX looked a little like a sleeping bear. piano: A XXX has 88 keys.: Press the XXX keys to hear the sounds they make.: A XXX has black and white keys. opposite: The XXX of IN is OUT.: TALL is the XXX of SHORT.: YES is the XXX of NO. rhyme: TIME and LIME are words that XXX.: SEE and WE are two words that XXX. tomorrow: Today is the day before XXX.: Today is Monday, so XXX must be Tuesday. tower: The witch's castle has a tall XXX.: From the top of the XXX they could see for miles. whisper: To speak softly is to XXX.: Her throat was sore so she had to XXX.: Be careful to XXX, so that no one will hear us. straight: Draw a XXX line.: Her hair wasn't curly, it was XXX.: Use a ruler to draw a XXX line. violin: You play the XXX with a bow.: He took the XXX out of its case and began to play.: You tuck a XXX under your chin to play it. beautiful: The prince loves the XXX princess.: The red rose was very XXX. wand: The wizard waves his magic XXX.: To do his magic trick he waved his XXX. crawl: Bugs XXX along the ground.: You felt something creepy XXX up your arm.: Babies learn to XXX before they learn to walk.

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