Free Online Vocabulary Learning Game

Latin and Greek Roots Word Game

Match Greek and Latin word stems, roots, prefixes and suffixes with their meanings.
Pick a tile to see a word part or meaning.


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audi,hear,L auto,self,Greek astro,star,G bi,two,L bibl,book,G bio,life,G circ,around,L con,with,L contra,against,L cycl,circle,G dec,ten,G dict,say or tell,L en,in,G geo,earth,G gram, written or drawn,G graph,draw or write,G hom,same,G inter,between,L loc,place,L man,hand,L micro,small,G min,smaller,L mono,single,G multi,many,L ped,foot,L phil,love,G phon,sound,G phot,light,G poly,many,G port,move or carry,L post,after,L pre,before,L rupt,break,L scop,view,G scrib,write,L spec,look or see,L sub,under,L tele,far,G temp,time,L trans,across,L uni,one,L vac,empty,L vis,see,L viv,live,L