Latin & Greek Roots Jumbles Game

Spell 3 words with the SAME Latin or Greek root, given the letters of each word in jumbled order and a meaning clue.

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audi = hear audible Something loud enough to be heard is audi___. audience An audi____ is a group of people who are listening or hearing. audio audi_ means having to do with sound, something that is heard. audiovisual An audi______ aid is an aid that uses both sound, something heard, and sight.**auto = self autobiography An auto_________ is the story of a person's life written by him or herself. autograph An auto_____ is the signature of the person him or herself. automatic Auto_____ means acting or working by itself. automobile An auto______ is a self-powered vehicle. autonomy Auto____ is independent self-government.**astro = star astrology astro____ is based on the belief that the stars affect people's lives. astronaut An astro____ is someone trained to travel in space or the star-filled skies. astronomer An astro_____ studies the stars and outer space. astronomy astro____ is the study of the stars and outer space.**bio = life antibiotic An ____bio___ kills or slows the growth of germs or tiny life forms. biography A bio______ is the written story of a person's life. biologist A bio______ is a scientist who studies living things, life forms. biology bio____ is the study of plant and animal life forms. autobiography An auto_________ is the story of a person's life written by him or herself.**cap = head capital A cap____ is the city where the government or head of a country is located. capstone A cap_____ is the top or head of a stone structure. decapitate To __cap_____ is to behead, to cut the head off of something. captain A cap____ is the head of a team. caption A cap____ is a heading or comment for a picture.**circ = round circle A circ__ is a round 2-dimensional shape. circular Something that is circ____ is round. circulate To circ_____ is to move around. circumference The circ_________ is the distance around a circle. circumnavigate To circ__________ the earth is to travel around the globe.**cycl = circle bicycle A __cycl_ is a vehicle with two wheels (that are shaped like circles and roll). cycle A cycl_ is a pattern like a circle that repeats over and over without end. cyclone A cycl___ is a storm with strong winds that circle rapidly. recycle To __cycl_ is to use something again and create a circle of use for the material.**dict = say dictate To dict___ is to say something out loud so someone can write it down. dictator A dict____ is a ruler who says what everyone must do. diction dict______ is the manner or style that is used to say something. verdict A ___dict is when a judge or jury decides and says guilty or not guilty.**graph = written autograph An ____graph is a handwritten signature. biography A ___graph_ is the written story of a person's life. paragraph A ____graph is a basic unit of written work, a related set of sentences. autobiography An _______graph_ is the story of a person's life written by him or herself. **inter = between intermediate Something between junior and senior is inter_______. intermission An inter_______ is a break between two parts of an event. internet The inter___ is a communication network between computers. international Something involving more than one nation is inter________.**loc = place local loc__ means having to do with a nearby place. locate To loc___ something is to put or find it in a certain place. location A loc_____ is a place where something is located. locomotive A loc_______ is the railway car engine that moves the train from one place to another.**man = hand manicure A man_____ is a beauty treatment for hands and fingernails. manual man___ means done by hand. manuscript A man______ is an original, often handwritten, document.**micro = small microcomputer A micro________ is a small, personal computer. microphone People speak into a micro_____ which makes small sounds louder, allowing them to be heard further away. microscope A micro_____ lets you see very small things. microwave A micro____ oven produces small electromagnetic waves to cook foods quickly.**multi = many multimedia multi_____ uses many media, such as pictures, sound and video. multiple multi___ copies of something means many copies of the same thing. multitude A multi_________ is many, such as many people or many choices. multiply To multi___ means to make something many times bigger.**geo = earth geography geo______ is the study of the natural features of the earth. geologist A geo______ studies rocks, soil and other earth materials. geology geo____ is the study of rocks, soil and other earth materials. geothermal geo_____ power uses the heat created by the earth itself.**ped = foot centipede A _____ped_ is an insect with many tiny legs (and possibly a foot at the end of each leg?). expedition An __ped_____ is a long trip or journey, which once required foot travel. pedal A ped__ is something you press with your foot. pedestrian A ped_______ is a person who travels on foot.**phon = sound homophone A ____phon_ is a word that sounds the same but is spelled differently. megaphone A ____phon_ is a funnel-shaped device that makes sounds louder. microphone People speak into a _____phon_ to make the sound louder. symphony A ___phon_ is music written for an orchestra, which produces the sound.**port = carry export To __port is to carry goods to another country for use or sale. import To __port is to carry something from another place to here for use or sale. portable If something is port____ you can carry it from place to place. porter A port__ is a person who is hired to carry luggage.**pre = before prefix A pre___ is a word part that is added before a main or root word to change its meaning. predict To pre____ is to know about something before it happens. prepare To pre____ something means to get it ready before or ahead of time. prevent To pre____ means to stop something before it happens. preview To pre____ something is to view it in advance or before its regular showing.**rupt = break abrupt Something that is unexpected or breaks in suddenly is said to be __rupt. erupt To _rupt is to break apart suddenly. For example, a volcano may _rupt. eruption An _rupt___ is a sudden breaking apart, such as the _rupt___ of a volcano. interrupt To _____rupt is to break in on something that is in progress. rupture A rupt___ is a sudden break or separation.**scrib = write scribe A scrib_ is somebody who writes. inscribe To __scrib_ something is to write or carve words on it. describe To __scrib_ means to explain or write about what something is like. prescribe To ___scrib_ medicine a doctor writes its name for patients and the pharmacist. scribble To scrib___ is to draw or write in a quick, sloppy way. **sign = sign design A __sign is a plan showing how something will look or be made. signal A sign__, such as a traffic sign__, is something that gives a message or warning. signature A person's sign_____ is his or her name written in his or her own handwriting. significant sign________ means to have special meaning or importance.**spec = look inspect To __spect something is to look at it closely and carefully. inspector An __spec___ is someone who looks very closely at something. spectacle A spec_____ is a very unusual or impressive sight to look at. spectator A spec_____ is a person who looks at a game or event.**sub = under subdue To sub___ is to make calmer or bring under control. submarine A sub______ is a ship that can travel under water. submerge To sub_____ something is to place it totally under water. subway A sub___ is an underground railway or walkway. subheading A sub_______ is a heading or title that is under another more important or larger heading.**tele = far telemetry tele_____ is the process of collecting data and measurements from far away. telephone A tele_____ lets people who are far apart hear each other. telescope A tele_____ lets you view things that are very far away. television A tele______ shows pictures from far away.**trans = across transfer To trans___ is to move across from one place to another. translate To trans____ is to allow communiate across a language barrier by changing word from one language to another. transparent Something you can see through or across is trans______. transportation trans__________ is moving across a distance from one place to another.**uni = one unicycle A uni_____ is a vehicle with only one wheel. unique To be uni___ is to be one of a kind. unison To be in uni___ is to act as one, to do the same thing at the same time. unite To uni__ is to join together as one.**vac = empty evacuate To _vac____ is to leave a place empty. vacant Something that is empty or unoccupied is vac___. vacation A vac_____ is free time, empty of obligations. vacuum A vac___ is empty space.**vis = see invisible Something you can't see is __vis____. visor A sun vis__ shades your eyes from the sun, helping you to see. visible Something that can be seen is vis____. vision vis___ is the power to see or sight.**viv = live revive To __viv_ something means to bring it back to life, to let it live. survive To ___viv_ means to continue to live. survivor A ___viv__ is someone who continues to live. vivid A viv__ picture is bright, strong, and lifelike or like something alive. vivacious viv______ means lively, spirited, full of life