Olympics Word Jumble

Unscramble four words that are related to the summer Olympics.
The letters from all the shaded boxes can then be arranged to spell a two-word Olympic event or award.

For an extra challenge, fold along the dotted line at the bottom and try not to look at the clues below it.

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arrow; use a bow and this for the sport of archery
ball; you need this to play many Olympic sports, including tennis, hockey and water polo
baton; pass this from teammate to teammate in a relay race
bike; ride this in Olympic cycling
black; one of the Olympic rings is this color
blue; one of the Olympic rings is this color
boat; use for many Olympic sports, including rowing, sailing and canoeing
bow; use this and an arrow for the sport of archery
boxing; wear gloves and hit with your fists, in this sport
bronze; the medal for third place
canoe; paddle this kind of boat in one Olympic sport
diving; this is done from a platform or a springboard
faster; the first word of the three-word Olympic motto
first; you win a gold medal if you finish in this place
flag; Olympic winners see this symbol of their home country raised
flame; this Olympic symbol burns during the Games
floor; one of the women's gymnastics exercises is on this
green; one of the Olympic rings is this color
higher; the second word of the three-word Olympic motto
hockey; in the summer Olympics this takes place on a field, not on ice
horse; the only animal that takes part in the Olympics
judo; a martial art from Japan
judge; somebody who helps pick the winner in diving and gymnastics
jump; in more than one sport you try to do this higher, longer or with more tricks
kayak; this water sport requires a double-bladed paddle
mascot; a character, often an animal, that represents the Olympic Games and brings good luck
medal; what you win if you finish first, second or third
oar; use this to make the boat go in the sport of rowing
paddle; use this to make a canoe or kayak go
pistol; in Shooting you may use a rifle, a shotgun or this
pool; where the swimming and diving takes place
pound; the weight classes in boxing used to be in this unit but now they are in kilograms
race; run, cycle, swim, hurdle or walk in this in the Olympics
record; more than one old one is usually broken during each Olympics
relay; teammates take turns in this kind of event, each doing part of the race
rifle; use this in some of the Olympic shooting events
rings; there are five of these in the Olympic symbol
round; one time period during a boxing match
rowing; in this sport you use oars
sail; do this in a racing yacht
shoot; do this with a rifle, pistol or shotgun
song; a national anthem is a special one
start; the very first part of a race, the beginning
swim; what you do in many Olympic water sports
target; aim for this in Shooting or Archery
tennis; this racquet sport uses a ball
third; you win a bronze medal if you finish in this place
throw; what you do with a javelin, discus or hammer
torch; runners carry this to light the Olympic Flame
track; where the 100 m sprint and 400 m hurdles take place
weight; what you lift in one Olympic sport
yellow; one of the Olympic rings is this color

balance beam; women's gymnastics
gold medal; award that goes to the winner of an
high jump; athletics (track and field)
long jump; athletics (track and field)
pole vault; athletics (track and field)
race walking; athletics (track and field)
road race; cycling
shot put; athletics (track and field)
still rings; men's gymnastics
silver medal; award that goes to the second place finisher in an
table tennis; China-dominated
uneven bars; women's gymnastics
water polo; aquatics